SUP Trotters the social network for Stand Up Paddlers

SUP Trotters is a social network made for Stand Up Paddlers. The site is new and something that the team here at Boylo’s are very excited about! The site has lots of interactive features that allow you to share your passion for SUP with a global community. You can meet new people, find new spots and share your experiences!

Log your sessions

SUP trotters

Log details of your SUP sessions for your own records and to show your mates!

The session logging is a great feature as it helps shed some light over what you like most and what you need to work on. What was your favourite spot this year? Which board did you use the most? It’s all recorded for you and your mates to see.

Discover new spots

SUP trotters spots

Log where you’ve been and find out where others have had sessions to unlock new spots for your future adventures!

With the spots logged on SUP Trotter you can browse tonnes of new locations for SUP all around the world and see pictures and statistics. Where will you go on your next trip?

Meet other paddlers

SUP trotters

Meet people and make more friends on the water!

This is the most exciting social aspect! Connect with other SUPers find out where they normally ride, what gear they like to use there then send them a message and see if you can share a session! It’s all about spreading the love and enthusiasm on this SUP specific social networking site!

We’re registered already on SUP trotters and you can find details of our lessons and equipment on there as well as on our site! We look forward to seeing you on this fast moving network and more importantly on the water!

Boylo’s Wave of the Winter…

Boylo's Wave of the WinterThis winter we’re running our first ever watersports competition, Boylo’s Wave of the Winter! Those of you from the surfing world will be familiar with the format as it is almost identical to the Hawaiian North Shore competition that you’ll see all over the web. We want to showcase the awesome conditions that the UK and Ireland can get in the depth of the winter low pressures and we want to encourage all riders to push their performance to the next level when the conditions are on!

The Rules

The rules of this competition are pretty easy! The wave ridden must be in the UK and Ireland. You must have either a picture or a video of you riding the wave. That’s it. A key point is that ANY wave riding equipment can be used! We want this to be a watersports event, so whether you’re on a windsurfer, kitesurf kit, SUP, surfboard, bodyboard, kayak or whatever else you choose, if you ride the biggest and best wave this winter and get a picture or video of you doing so, you’ll be the 2014/2015 Champion!!! There’s no limit on how many times you can enter so keep going big and send in all of your awesome rides!

The Prize

On the 1st of March the Boylo’s Team will go through all the entrants and pick the winner based on wave size and quality of the ride. This charger will receive a Winners jersey to wear proudly all year, plus a box of goodies from some of the biggest brands in watersports and we will use our connections with watersports magazines and websites to get the winner and the wave published either online or on print!

Boylo's Wave of the Winter

Over £600 of gear is in the prize package for the winner!


To enter the competition you must email your application to: and you MUST include the subject: BOYLOS WAVE OF THE WINTER APPLICATION.

Your Email must contain:

  1. Name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Date of the Session
  4. Location of the Session
  5. Email Address
  6. Delivery Address
  7. Mobile Number
  8. Home Number

Provided all of the neccessary information is in your email application, your picture or video will be posted onto our Boylo’s Facebook Page with your name and the date of the ride. You can find your ride by searching #boyloswaveofthewinter.

Boylo's Wave of the Winter

No matter what you use if you ride the best wave, you win!

Not got a camera man?

Not many of us have a buddy or family member keen to stand on the shore on a big day and wait for what could be your winning ride. If you find yourself in this cameraman-less position don’t worry as we sell the best gear for getting the perfect shots and videos of you doing your thing! If you want to make sure you capture the winning ride then purchasing a GoPro or Soloshot from our store could be the best thing you buy this winter!

Boylo's Wave of the Winter

Grab a GoPro Hero 4 for that epic personal view or the new Soloshot 2 automatic tripod for the ultimate camera man-esque footage!

So that’s it! We can’t wait to see the footage and pics, so get out there! Good luck and Go Big!

Soloshot 2 Automatic Tripod!

Soloshot are an ambitious new company that have completely changed the world of self photography! Much like the first GoPro camera was a game changer, the Soloshot Automatic Tripod has opened up a previously unexplored avenue within the watersports industry. First person angles make for great viewing but everybody knows that the best video’s come from having a dedicated camera man stood on the shore pointing the lens in the right direction. That’s why Soloshot decided to develop the very first automatic camera man. The Soloshot was born and the tripod blew the market wide open. Full automatic panning meant great footage without relying on anyone to hold the camera!

The Soloshot 2

Soloshot 2

The brand new Soloshot 2 is setting a new benchmark for self photography!

The all new Soloshot 2 Automatic Tripod is the evolution of the original model. Whereas the first tripod simply panned this new tripod has automatic Pan, Tilt and Zoom and is also capable of tracking multiple tags and switching between users depending on settings!

The tilt and zoom options on the new tripod create a more life-like footage capture. There are three main settings for the zoom and once you have chosen which of the three frame sizes you want the base unit will automatically track you and zoom in or out when you move closer or further away! On top of this amazing new tracking ability is the staggering amount of control that users now have over the camera. Whether it’s when to record or which settings they want the tripod to follow users can make changes simply by using the tag armband. Check out the video below to see just how much control and quality the new Soloshot offers:

Innitially developed by surfers the Soloshot 2 tripod is being used by more and more different sports athletes. Anyone who wants sharp constantly tracked footage of themselves performing whether as a training aid or for personal enjoyment needs to try one of these new tripods. With the pan, tilt and zoom tracking there isn’t a sport that the soloshot isn’t suitable for.

When can I get one?

Soloshot pride themselves on the quality of their products and the new tripod was heavily delayed to ensure that they could perfect every aspect of it’s design. The good news though is that Boylo’s had 2 brand new items preordered and we have just received them in store! We are offering a full package deal with the Base Unit, Camera Controller, Tripod and Tag all for just £446.99! Make sure you check out our Soloshot page on our website to order yours today!

2015 Starboard SUP Sneak Preview –

2015 Starboard SUP

With the official release date approaching we’ve managed to secure some awesome sneak peaks at some of the upcoming shapes in the 2015 Starboard SUP Range!

2015 Starboard SUP

Zane Schweitzer hard at work testing the next line of 2015 radical wave SUPs!

Surf Pro

The shortboard SUP scene has exploded with popularity and with the advancements of shapes and technologies smaller and smaller boards are being ridden with more ease. This allows the athletes on the pro tours to ride boards as small as 7 feet! For 2015 Starboard have made a real commitment to seeing how advanced a wave SUP they can produce. No excess, no surplus volume just pure performance. The Surf pro range could be one of the most comprehensive ranges on the market next year. With everything from 9’8 x 29″ to 7’1 x 24″!!! The input of team riders like Zane Schweitzer, Sean Poynter, Justin Holland, Izzi Gomez and more is having a clear impact on the board designs and we can’t wait to see the new range this weekend!

2015 Starboard SUP

Sean Poynter ‘product testing’ in Tahiti. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!


By far the most exciting news for 2015 is the inclusion of the new ‘Nut’. This brand new shape has stemmed from Scott McKercher’s explorative design ideas. Taking inspiration for the Meyerhoffer designs in surfing Scott has come up with a long board that has the turning characteristics of some of the pro wave boards! Watch the video below and see why we’re SO excited for the new board to arrive!


For 2015 there are a couple of changes in the Touring range. The board the team at Boylo’s are most excited about is the 12’6 freeride! This board looks to be the perfect coastal partner for the calmer summer days. The concept is a hybrid, the forward section of the board takes most of it’s DNA from Starboard’s competition winning race boards. Towards the tail the DNA changes to more of an all rounder. This mix of Race and all rounder makes the freeride a superb downwind SUP. It will catch bumps and glide like a race board and has the confidence installing stability of an all round board. We think it could be a real winner for 2015!

2015 Starboard SUP

A vast new range of Touring SUP’s will help you explore and enjoy the waters in 2015.


Starboard’s racing SUP division has unquestionable pedigree. Their boards win races all over the world in everything from Professional Stand Up World Series Events to national and regional races. But just what is it that makes Starboard’s Race SUPs so fast for so many different people? Well those in charge of testing and developing the shapes are some of the very best elite paddlers on earth! Connor Baxter, Zane Schweitzer, Annabel Anderson and many more have countless race wins under their belts and it is their input that helps Starboard’s race division keep progressing to new levels of performance. For 2015 the team riders have had a massive input on the design of the ‘Race’. This board is in essence a one board race quiver. Whether racing on flat water or the ocean the Race has the performance to win. The lower rockered nose maximises the water line and speed in flat water and the tail shape increases control when riding in on the waves for Battle of the Paddle style competitions. With awesome designs and some of the best racers in the world, 2015 could be a year of domination yet again for Starboard SUP.

2015 Starboard SUP

The 2015 Starboard SUP Race Range is shaping up to take the competitive world by storm!

Hopefully by now you’re as excited as we are about the 2015 Starboard SUP range! Official release date is the 1st of November and we will of course have all the latest news on any new shapes as soon as the information goes live!

Thanks for reading, See you on the water!

Red Paddle Co 2015 first glance!

Here at Boylo’s we are lucky enough to have worked with Red Paddle Co since we first started. It’s been great to see the brand and their products progressing through the years and the Red Paddle Co 2015 range looks set to raise the benchmark even higher! Being the only dedicated inflatable SUP brand means that the entire focus of all in the Red Paddle Co team is on improving the inflatable SUP products on offer. This doesn’t just mean making the best boards but also the best side products like the carry rucksack, the pumps and the accessories. All of the attention to detail put into the design of every Red Paddle Co product makes your SUP experience as enjoyable and practical as possible. This year Red Paddle Co have focused on 3 key aspects for the equipment; Stiffness, Inflation (speed and pressure) and transportation.

The release date for the brand new Red Paddle Co 2015 boards isn’t until the 1st of November but we have an exclusive sneak peak at the range and things are looking good! Below are just a couple of the changes and new products featuring in the Red Paddle Co 2015 board line!

What’s your ride?

Red Paddle Co Ride

The Ride Collection features the 9’8, 10’6, 10’8 and 10’8 Windsurf!

For 2015 the 9’6 Allwater, 10’0 Surfer and 10’8 Mega have been tweaked and transformed into the 9’8 Ride and the 10’8 Ride. The trio of ride sizes are designed to meet the 90% of paddle boarders looking for their perfect all round, do-it-all SUP. The 9’8 Ride features the same patented RSS rocker stiffening system as seen on the 10’0 surfer from last year but it has lost a full 4 inches of nose length reducing the swing weight and the thickness on the new board has been brought down to 3.93″ to maintain performance and maneuverability in the surf.

The 10’6 Rides winning formula remains unchanged apart from the redesigned valve seen on all of the boards with improved efficiency and the revised leash placement allowing for a larger deckpad and better foot positioning.

The 10’8 Ride is available as a windsurf option in another Red Paddle Co first. The entry level, stable 10’8 is the perfect platform for relaxed and enjoyable windsurfing! It’s great to see a board focused purely on the enjoyment of windsurfing rather than it’s performance! Cargo nets for your wet/dry bags are standard on all of this years boards too! (Excluding the surfstar and elites.)

Want something sporty?

Red Paddle Co Sport

First look at the brand new Red Paddle Co 11’0 sport which is shaping up to be a Boylo’s team favourite!

Brand new for 2015 is the Red Paddle Co 11’0 Sport! This is one of the most exciting designs the team here have seen since the first inflatables starting rolling off the production line! The Sport takes it’s inspiration from the 10’6 ride and much of the shape is shared in the new board’s outline and characteristics. The Sport has grown a little in length providing a much improved flat water speed and glide. The wider square tail on the Sport looks great for wave riding and could make this a brilliant compact downwinder! Featuring a little more thickness as well as the RSS system means that the sport is super rigid and the cargo net up front means you can take your gear with you if you want to do some serious touring! The Red Paddle Co 11’0 Sport could be the perfect all round SUP!

Pump it up!

Another major development for 2015 is the Red Paddle Co Titan Pump. In 2014 Red Paddle Co release the high pressure pump which was sold alongside the regular pump in order to allow riders to inflate their boards to a much higher pressure which vastly improves the boards performance capabilities. The 2015 Titan pump though could make all other alternatives seem pointless. The new pump consists of two chambers, the first pushes a greater volume of air into the board to speed up inflation times, internal gearing then switches to the second cylinder which works like the high pressure pump from 2014 and allows the board to made far more rigid than it’s high volume counterpart. The new pump could easily be the best development in inflatable SUP products throughout the entire market let alone the Red Paddle Co 2015 range. The ability to inflate fast and then without switching pumps add the extra high pressure is going to make a monumental difference to the performance and satisfaction that these inflatables will offer!

We’re stoked for the new range of Red Paddle Co board’s to come out and we will keep you updated on all the latest news and products when they are officially released on November 1st. Make sure you check out the Red Paddle Co page on our website which will have the boards on show the moment they are available for purchase, some are available now! Go to Red Paddle Co 2015


Andy King visits Lyme Regis!

Lyme Regis has been hit by some great windsurfing conditions recently and with the conditions at their peak, Goya team rider Andy King payed the bay a visit!

Andy King competing in the British Wave Sailing Association at his stomping ground, Gwithian, Cornwall

Andy King competing in the British Wave Sailing Association at his stomping ground, Gwithian, Cornwall

We are of course talking about the pounding south westerlies we had last week. On Wednesday the 8th the Boylo’s team packed up the wave gear jumped in the van and headed down to Gwithian. Conditions were trickier than forecast but head high sets made for some decent wave sailing conditions. Andy King and his brother Steve had been sailing over at Marazion which offers similar jumping conditions to Lyme Regis. After a few solid hours of charging at Marazion, Andy made a call to the team at Gwithian for a surf update and duly headed over. Despite the hours of full on sailing at Marazion Andy surveyed the conditions and grabbed his surfboard in order to catch some waves before dark!

This commitment to scoring epic sessions then led to him driving up from Cornwall that night to stop the night with the Boylo’s team in anticipation of the session in Lyme the following morning….

Lyme Regis Windsurfing

The low pressure had been seen a long way off and was looking like it would hit Lyme Regis perfectly Friday Morning!

An early start looked like the best option with the tides at the right state and the bulk of the wind and swell hitting in the morning. Toast, cereals and tea was thoroughly shovelled down gullets and soon Andy and the team were on their way in. The drive in provided the perfect build up to the session with the thrashing trees and dark skies putting butterflies into everyone’s stomachs!

The vans pulled onto the seafront to see perfect ramps forming up inside the bay and 30+ knotts of cross shore wind! Frantic rigging soon followed with everyone questioning the right sail size for the conditions. Andy rigged up a 4.7m Goya Eclipse and Murray Saunders (Boylo’s co-founder) rigged a 4.5m Loft Sails Purelip. Both riders opting for the 5-batten control in the strong gusty conditions. The two sailors took to the water joined by local sailors Sam Wood, Luke Nauen, and Luke Patrick. After some HUGE airs and back loops from Andy the general consensus was to drop down sail sizes to 4-4.3m sails! The winds seemed even stronger than predicted! What followed can only be regarded as a masterclass in windsurf jumping from Andy King as Push loops, Back loops and Big forwards happened on nearly every ramp that dared open itself up for punishment.

Luckily I had the camera out at the right times to get some pictures that give you a feeling of the insane show we had from Andy King:

Andy King Lyme Regis

20-30ft Backloops were Andy’s go to manoeuvres nailing 90+% dry!

As the spectacle unfolded more and more people gathered along the parade to watch. Some had never seen windsurfing before and the jumps Andy was doing left many of the crowd in disbelief.

Andy King Windsurfing Lyme Regis

Everything Andy did that morning got a loud gasp from the onlookers stood on the parade. It was great to see jumps like this happening a few hundred feet in front of the shop!

Conditions were gnarly and the local guys were ripping it up too. Some of the set waves rolling through were heavy mind you and even Murray Saunders, who knows the bay better than most, got caught out by one such logo high clean up monster!

Windsurfing Crash Wave

Experienced local sailor Murray Saunders was jumping high all day, but got caught out by this bruiser on his way out toward the end! Luckily the kit survived and Murray had a long swim and tired sail back to the beach to catch his breath, a lucky escape.

New kid on the block Luke Patrick wasn’t so fortunate and on his second run out he suffered the same thumping fate that Murray had been subject to on the previous set waves. Unfortunately for Luke the force of the wave severed his UJ and he desperately clung on to board and sail seperately in the head high white water. It was obvious that something was wrong and the chance of Luke being hurt resulted in the RNLI Lyme Regis Lifeboat being launched. Andy King despite the harsh conditions sailed out to Luke and immediately shot to the beach to grab a spare UJ for him. In the meantime the RNLI had made their way downwind to where Luke was treading water grasping the sail and board seperately still in the constant white water. Andy soon arrived with the spare UJ and the two sailors swiftly dispatched the broken UJ and swapped it for the replacement. Luke then water-started and managed to sail back up wind through the conditions despite the heavy beating he had taken for the last 5-10 minutes. The brave crew of the RNLI provided a much needed confidence boost and safety net for the two sailors as they made their way back to the shore through the high winds and heavy white water. A huge thank you goes out to the crew of the Lyme Regis RNLI who expertly navigated the massive conditions in order to provide rescue cover for the fallen windsurfer. Their committment and skill is an invaluable asset to the Lyme Regis Watersports community and if you can afford to donate anything please click this link to the RNLI Donation Page.

Windsurfing Crash

Another out of the blue thumping for one of the sailors. Luke, Andy and the RNLI crew did brilliantly to make a dangerous situation result in nothing but a lost UJ.

By all account’s this was an epic day of wave sailing in Lyme Regis and highlights just how high performance a spot the bay here can be for windsurfing! For more pictures of this awesome session plus many more and offers from our store check out our Boylo’s Facebook Page.

For all the latest windsurfing equipment check out our website page dedicated to the latest and best Windsurfing Equipment.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope you have enjoyed it and get to go out in some great conditions at your own local spot as soon as possible! If you’ve enjoyed the blog please leave a comment below and as ever if you have any questions or requests for future reviews or articles get in touch!

Wetsuit Wash – Product Test and Review

Wetsuit Wash is a brand new wetsuit shampoo that we have just started stocking at Boylo’s. There are plenty of wetsuit shampoos on the market but we have been looking for a wash that truly leaves the suit smelling great. In our experience the other wetsuit shampoos we have tested have been great smelling themselves but not really left the suit smelling the same after the wash. We thought we’d test a new brand and found ‘Wetsuit Wash’. This is our review of the latest in wetsuit care products.

Wetsuit Wash

Wetsuit Wash seems to be the real deal, with all the right ingredients and the right result.

First off, the shampoo really does look the business, the bottle and label look smart and industrial which immediately filled us with confidence. Once you pop the lid on Wetsuit Wash you can’t help but notice the strong mint aroma. This scent is perfect for overpowering bad smells, why do you think they make toothpaste smell minty! Even before we tested it we were confident that at least some of this strong minty smell would be left in the wetsuit. Wetsuit Wash uses a naturally derived glucoside surfactant, which means about as much to us as it probably does to you. What it actually means though is that the cleaning agents in wetsuit wash are effective in getting rid of smells and stains but won’t cause any defects on things like your GBS seams or liquid seals.

The Test

We have used plenty of wetsuit cleaners in our lifetime and we have always found that no matter how smelly or not smelly your wetsuit is, you always want to give the suit the strongest formula. For Wetsuit Wash we mixed 15ml of product with roughly 8 litres of warm water and then we simply left the suit in the mix for 10 minutes and came back to give it a full sloshing and turning over for good measure. Wetsuit Wash suggested that rinsing is optional and not necessary so we decided to leave it as that’s what we normally do with the other wetsuit cleaners.

We left the suit to dry and we were really pleased when we returned to it and found that the post session smell had been eradicated and replaced by a subtle mint smell. What’s more one of the deeper salty stained corners of the wetsuit in the armpit had become stain free!

Wetsuit Wash was easy to use and gave us a nice smelling and also CLEAN wetsuit ready for the next time we needed to get in the water. The team is stoked on the new Wetsuit Wash and each member now has a bottle permanently in their backpack. For more information on Wetsuit Wash you can check out their website by clicking here -> Wetsuit Wash.

Wetsuit Wash

10/10 for Wetsuit Wash, great to find a wash that does exactly what it says on the tin!

If you have any questions or queries then feel free to leave a comment in the box below or give us a call in the shop. You can also order your own Wetsuit Wash on our website. Happy cleaning!

Quatro 2015 Sneak peek

Just as Goya are the world renowned sail brand, Quatro have the reputation for making the world’s most sought after wave boards. Quatro was started by a lot of the same people that made Goya sails and the two brands share a lot in quality, comittment to wave riding and team riders! One such team rider Levi Siver has already won this year’s AWT Pistol river competition on the new Goya sails and Quatro boards!

We have some lip salivating images and design qoutes for you to feast your minds on in the build up to the official release date of the new 2015 Quatro boards in August!

Quatro Windsurf 2015

Quatro 2015

The razor sharp weapon of the range is unchanged for 2015.

The Quatro Pyramid was introduced for the 2013/14 season and seemed to break into a new level of wave riding when Levi Siver and Bernd Roediger took to their local spot Ho’okipa for the PWA JP Aloha Classic 2013 and took first and second place respectively with some out of this world wave riding! Both athlete’s were on the Pyramid. Quatro are so confident in this board that their description of it is bold and blunt: “The Pyramid will not pamper you and you will love it for just that fact. Nothing ever projected out of a tight turn like this board.” “You’re welcome to judge this book by it’s cover.” If you’re after the sharpest wave weapon for 2015 this could well be it.

2015 Quatro Sphere

2015 Quatro Sphere

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 15.07.30 Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 15.07.52

The images above are of the all new 2015 Quatro Sphere. The idea in the Sphere is that it can rip all kinds of waves, at all kinds of locations, all around the globe. What shape is the globe again? Ahh now it makes sense. This board is supposed to be a ‘toned down’ version of the pyramid, yet it’s faster and grips harder! We love quatro’s version of toning things down! After a one board wave quiver? Here’s your answer for 2015.

Quatro Cube 2015

Quatro Cube 2015

Quatro Cube 2015

The all new Quatro Cube for 2015 looks set to be yet another test winner!

Since it’s introduction to the windsurf world the Quatro Quad has won test after test, dominating the market reviews by countless magazines. The evolution of this winning formula is the new 2015 Quatro Cube. Quatro say: “This is The wave board, capital T. It can do it all and much more, it will enable You to do it all, capital Y. You will feel the difference from the first time you step on it.”  Riding Quad finned boards redefined what we thought was possible on a windsurfer and this board is king of the Quads. Roll on 2015.

Quatro Tetra 2015

Quatro Tetra 2015

2015 Quatro Tetra

Sneak peeks mean some blurry images – the 2015 Quatro Tetra

2015 Quatro Tetra

Plenty of tech and features on the new Tetra

Quatro are very adamant that the new Tetra isn’t like any other freewave board on the market. In fact, the only reason Quatro call it a freewave is so that us normal folk no where abouts in the rest of the market this board sits. With Quatro’s undeniable wave heritage there is one place this board will truly excel against all other freewaves, on a rail, in a turn, on a wave. “No, it won’t go down the line like a pyramid, but that’s because it will hover above the point, timeless, while everybody else fumbles below.”  It’s a user friendly wave board then, and that is something definitely welcome in the world of ultra high performance windsurf boards. What’s wrong with having fun the easy way? That’s what this board’s about and we can’t wait to try one!

2015 Goya Quatro

Levi Siver has been instrumental in the R&D of the 2015 board line.

Quatro SUP 2015

2015 Quatro SUP

the 2015 Quatro Carve is the flagship SUP range for next year.

Quatro SUP 2015

A deep concave is going to provide plenty of speed and acceleration into all your turns!

In a nutshell the first range of SUP’s the ‘Carve’ is all about laying it on a rail and hacking the fiercest most slicing turns you can on the face of clean or bumpy waves. Just under 30 inches wide you have a choice of 8′ and 8’4 and 100 or 120 litres. These boards are for those serious about their SUP surfing! Oh, and you can put a windsurf sail in it too for those lighter wind wave sailing days ;)


Quatro 2015

The Glide is all about grace and style.

2015 Quatro Glide

Full deckpads and windsurfability are standard on Quatro SUP’s.

The Glide range of the 2015 Quatro SUP’s is all about style and grace. Being Quatro these boards will still turn hard and carve the open face well, but with the added width 32″-34″ it should be an altogether easier experience. Think of the glide in the same way as the Tetra windsurf board. Built for the waves with user friendliness and ease of use in mind. Perfect for long summer sessions!

You can check out all the latest Quatro gear the moment it comes on sale in the UK here: Quatro Boards

Quatro SUP 2015

Bernd Roediger has been a big part of the R&D for the new SUP line, sweet!

Goya 2015 Sails Sneak Peek

Goya are perhaps the most revered wave sail manufacturer in the world. Their heritage is undeniable, their team is sharp and focused and Ho’okipa is their stomping ground! It’s a recipe for wave sail success and the windsurfing world is always excited to see what’s new each year from Goya. So if you’re after the latest Goya news then you’ve come to the right place as Boylo’s has sneak peek pictures to get your mouths watering for 2015!

Goya 2015 Sails

The 2015 Goya Fringe is the all new 3 batten down the line sail, pretty cool!

The newest and maybe most exciting development from Goya this year is the introduction of the 3 batten Fringe. While a lot of brands are developing a 3 batten sail the Fringe is the one that all others will have to measure themselves against. It promises super lightweight handling, early power delivery and a feeling of ‘uplift’ from the sail. . Goya’s epic build quality is still there and like the rest of the range the 2015 Fringe will stand up to the regular Ho’okipa batterings the team riders put it through, should be fine for the UK then!

2015 Goya Banzai

The 2015 Banzai promises to be the allround winning sail it’s predecessor was!

Last year’s radical sail, the Banzai, isn’t taking a back seat though. The 2015 Banzai is reworked retuned and looking better than ever. Lighter, more flexible and with the draft forward feeling in the hands next year’s Banzai will give explosive low end power, direct feel and decent high wind control across all sizes! Don’t forget this is the sail Marcilio Browne won the most recent PWA Wave World Championship on and now it’s ‘improved’!

Goya Guru 2015

The legendary Goya Guru continues it’s evolution in 2015.

The legendary Goya Guru Wave Sail is flawless in high powered, gusty conditions. The sail prides itself on comfort and control. 2015 see’s the further evolution of this classic sail with bombproof construction, a between the hands direct feel, and of course the new 4 batten layout making the guru the perfect choice for lighter riders who want the ultimate control in high wind situations and the ability to throw the sail into radical maneuvers!

Goya Eclipse 2015

The powerhouse of the Goya range is strong as ever for 2015!

Massive high wind control and unlimited speed potential. That’s what the new eclipse has according to Goya. A bold statement and on the face of it the design looks epic! For 2015 the luff length has shortened meaning the 5.3m rigs on a 400 mast and the 4.5 rigs on a 370! This is going to give the low end power and compact agility we’re used to with 4 batten sails with the added advantage of the 5 batten high wind control and stability! In 2015 the Eclipse has made a real challenge to other 5 batten wave sails on the market.

You can find all the brand new Goya equipment the moment it’s on sale in the UK here: 2015 Goya

Levi Siver Goya Banzai 2015

Here’s team rider Levi Siver utilising the 2015 Goya Banzai at the recent AWT event.
Photo courtesy of AWT | SI CROWTHER.

Red Paddle Co 12’6 Explorer Review

Here at Boylo’s Watersports in Lyme Regis we are treated to two very different seasons. In the winter we get wind and waves regularly making it great for all wave riders. But come the summer Lyme is typically blessed with hot, calm days. This is great for flat water SUP trips along the dramatic Jurassic coastline. When it comes to touring the coast we think there is one board that stands head and shoulders above the rest; the Red Paddle Co 12’6 Explorer. Below we’ve pointed out the reasons we think this is the perfect tourers board.

Red Paddle Co 12'6 Explorer Review

The Red Paddle Co 12’6 Explorer is the perfect adventure SUP and here’s why.


Whilst solid boards still hold the performance edge it is Red Paddle Co that are closing the gap when it comes to flat water performance. Their race boards have been competing side by side with the best hard boards on the market since their introduction and getting great results. The same flat water pedigree you see in the race boards passes down into the flatwater performance of the Red Paddle Co 12’6 Explorer. The long water line along with the additional tracking rudders help to make this one of the best tracking boards we have ever used. What’s more with the wind behind us we found that the Red Paddle Co 12’6 Explorer actually got a lot more glide and speed when not paddling compared to the lower laying hard boards. This meant less effort for us going down wind. Going against the wind the board was a little harder to paddle but we found having our feet further forward kept the nose rudder working best and kept us straight against the wind making life a lot easier. The straight line speed and the ease of paddling, make the Red Paddle Co 12’6 Explorer a strong touring board that will eat up the miles day after day giving you more time to explore!

Red Paddle Co 12'6 Explorer Review

The glide and speed of the Red Paddle Co 12’6 Explorer has been adopted from the race boards.


This is where the Red Paddle Co 12’6 Explorer really comes into it’s own and for us the practicality of this board is why it is the perfect tourer. The trouble with a solid tourer or race board is they are at least 12’6 long, all the time. This is great for performance but a real pain when it comes to storage and transportation. With the Red Paddle Co 12’6 Explorer there’s no need for a big garage or a roof rack, the whole board will simply roll down and go inside the Red Paddle Co rucksack. If you couple this board with the 3 piece paddle then everything you need can easily get put in the boot of your car! This compact size is a MASSIVE advantage when it comes to SUP touring. It means that getting to and from your destination with your board is easy and quick. You can even go for a downwind blast and then get the bus home! Plus the securing strap attachments on the front and back of the board mean that you can take all of your gear with you if you wanted to camp the night and go a little further the next day.

Red Paddle Co 12'6 Explorer Review

There’s no limit to where you can take the Red Paddle Co 12’6 Explorer. Wouldn’t want to carry a hard board up there aye?


When touring and exploring your board is likely to come across some pretty hazardous scenarios. When touring a river for example you may come across rocks, under water hazards and shallow areas. On a solid board this could mean and end to your trip as any ding could start to take on water and render the board useless. The Red Paddle Co 12’6 Explorer will glide over, onto and past these obstacles and still be just as useful afterwards. Even if you did manage to put a hole in the board the portable repair kit is fast and effective meaning a few hours on the bank repairing and letting dry and then you can pump up again and set off on the next leg of your adventure!

Red Paddle Co 12'6 Explorer Review

Peace of mind over rocks, boulders and branches. No worries on a Red Paddle Co 12’6 Explorer.


Perhaps for most people this is the deciding factor. When you compare the brand new Red Paddle Co 12’6 Explorer to it’s hard board competitors for price the difference can be staggering! All the added practicality and durability not to mention the minimal loss of performance and all for around £100-300 less!

If you’re looking to start your own adventures along the coastlines, lakes or rivers near you then make sure you get yourself one of these boards. You can find all the information and prices here: Click here