Quatro 2016 Windsurf Boards First Look!

We got our first glance of the Quatro 2016 Windsurf Boards today and man are we excited! The Quatro range has been in such a strong place for years that it has been a very long time since we saw a lot of changes in one season! For 2016 though Keith Teboul has worked on some industry leading concepts that will definitely be setting the trend for the rest of the windsurfing world!

Quatro 2016 Shaper Keith Teboul

Keith Teboul’s first hand experience with his shapes is what keeps Quatro at the very front of Wave Board development.

2016 Quatro Pyramid

2016 Quatro Pyramid

The Pyramid is the pinnacle of Wave sailing performance. It is Quatro’s cutting edge performance design. The best of the best.

The first and most exciting board perhaps in the entire industry is the brand new 2016 Quatro Pyramid! Quatro say it is a complete redesign of the massively successful 2015 Pyramid shape. The new board is a little shorter in length with slightly reduced nose width and a slight increase in tail width. This slightly increased tail width along with an increased thickness through the stance has allowed Quatro to move the rider back which gives unrivalled reactivity under the back foot! The swallow tail incorporated in the new design is well loved in the surfing world and provides superior hold through a full rail turn. The fin postitioning has been tweaked and the bottom shape is single to double to vee off the tail. This board is uncompromising, the shape looks sharp and performance driven and Keith Teboul cannot speak highly enough of it’s surfing prowess! We’re so excited to get our feet on this new board and to see the gap between windsurfing and surfing reduced once again. If there’s one board to get excited about this year it’s this!

2016 Quatro Cube

2016 Quatro Cube

The Cube has been the go to board for Levi Siver for years and the latest model is a continuation of Levi’s unrivalled style!

Quatro describe this board as a “shorter, more compact rocket of a quad” designed for speed and maneuverability. They say they have completely redesigned this board from the outline to the bottom contour to the profile flow.
The board has a fuller nose and profile thickness to compensate for it’s shorter length. The increase in profile thickness, much like the 2016 Pyramid, allows for the rider to be moved back on the board giving you the closest foot to tail rear strap position. This makes the board ultra reactive! A straighter rocker coupled with a vee with double bottom shape throughout makes this board lightning fast to plane and the compact shape along with the pushed back strap position increases it’s turning ability. Keith Teboul says “This board with it’s quad fins, fast rocker, redesigned outline and thicker profile allows you to shred in all sorts of varying conditions, from side off Ho’okipa to onshore Pozo. The best of both worlds put into one new quad design!” The Cube has been Quatro’s go to wave board for a few years now and has always won test reviews against any competition. It’ll be interesting to see and feel with the new improvements just how much further ahead this board will sit from the pack.

2016 Quatro Mono

2016 Quatro Mono

Perhaps surprisingly, the third all new board for 2016 is a single fin!

This came as a surprise to us too! With the trend of boards getting smaller and multi fin popularity we were surprised to see Keith Teboul reveal the 2016 Quatro Mono as his third new shape in the range. What Keith say’s is that “The Quatro Mono is the ideal choice for sailors looking for the classic smooth and stable feel, quick acceleration, unlimited top end speed and adaptability that the single fin boards provide”. It’s great to see a board like this coming from the HQ of the world’s most advanced Windsurf Wave Boards. It can be a little stressful keeping up with the latest developments in wave board design and with the 2016 Mono KT has taken us back to what made windsurfing great in the first place. We’re keen to get this board on the water and once again experience the thrilling speed and smooth carving abilities of the traditional single fin board!

Other News

The Sphere and Tetra shapes from 2015 remain unchanged for 2016 except for a new size in the Sphere of 67 litres. This cements Keith’s attitude that unless his alterations improve a shape it doesn’t get changed!

2016 Quatro SUP Boards

2016 Quatro Glide Air SUP

The Glide Air is a perfect all round inflatable SUP!

2016 Quatro Roam Air SUP

The Roam Air is a distance cruiser in a bag!










Inflatable SUP boards are easily the most popular way for people to get on the water nowadays! Quatro know this and have carefully applied their years of board making knowledge to develop inflatable boards that share the characteristics of their solid counterparts. The glide is a mimic of KT’s user friendly wave shape designed to be the perfect all round leisure SUP. Small waves, coastal paddles and fun with the family is what this board is all about. With the Roam KT chose to capture the spirit of coastal explorers and give them a board that is fast to paddle, easy to stand on and practical to get to and from their next adventure. We’re certain these shapes will be highly successful as they are aimed at the two best area’s for inflatable SUP’s; simple enjoyment and unrestricted exploration!

Seen something you like?

We know that by now you’re probably salivating over the thought of getting your feet on one of these new boards! We are! But official release dates are not until August/September 2016. The moment they’re available though full details including promo vids and pictures will be available on our Quatro homepage.

Thank you for reading and we’ll see you on the water ;)



Compatible cameras for the Soloshot 2

We get a lot of enquiries from people wanting to know whether they have compatible cameras for the Soloshot 2. It’s a tricky thing, you want to know before you spend your money that the camera you have will be able to access all of the functions that the soloshot tripod offers. Don’t worry though because below is a list of all the compatible cameras on the market for the soloshot 2!

Soloshot 2

The brand new Soloshot 2 is transforming the self photography market!

These are hand held video cam corders which will work for the Soloshot 2.

Compatible cameras for the Soloshot 2

Your DSLR cameras are also compatible! Check out the list below

Compatible DSLR cameras for the Soloshot 2

Some DSLRs that aren’t on this initial list are still compatible with the use of an extra cable.

DSLR cameras requiring the N3 cable accessory to use with their 2.5mm Jack

  • Canon EOS 7D, 5D, 5D Mark II
  • Canon EOS 1D, 1D Mark II, 1D Mark II N, 1D Mark III, 1D Mark IV
  • Canon EOS 1Ds, 1Ds Mark II, 1Ds Mark III, 1Ds Mark IV
  • Canon EOS 50D, 40D, 30D, 20D, 10D, EOS D30 EOS D60 EOS D2000
  • Canon EOS Film SLR 1V 1VHS 3
  • KODAK DSC-530

DSLR cameras requiring the Nikon Cable Accessory

  • Nikon D4s/D4 Series
  • Nikon D3 Series
  • Nikon D2 Series
  • Nikon D1 Series
  • Nikon D810
  • Nikon D800/D800E
  • Nikon D600
  • Nikon D700
  • Nikon D7000
  • Nikon D7100
  • Nikon D300/D300S
  • Nikon D200
  • Nikon D500
  • Nikon D100 using the MB-D100,
  • Nikon F6
  • Nikon F5
  • Nikon F100
  • Nikon F90 / F90x
  • Nikon N90 / N90x
  • KODAK DCS Pro 14n DCS620
  • FUJI S3 S5 Pro

DSLR cameras requiring the Olympus DSLR Cable

Compatible Olympus Digital SLR Cameras:

  • E-M1, E-M5
  • E-P1, E-P2, E-P3, E-P5
  • E-PM1, E-PM2
  • E-PL5, E-PL3, E-PL2
  • E-30, E-420, E-450, E-520, E-600, E-620

Compatible Olympus Digital Cameras

  • SP-510UZ
  • SP-550UZ
  • SP-560UZ
  • SP-565UZ
  • SP-570UZ
  • SP-590UZ

DSLR cameras requiring the SONY DSLR Cable

  • A7
  • A7R
  • NEX-3NL
  • A5000
  • A6000
  • A58
  • A3000
  • HX300
  • RX100II

 If you still can’t see your camera on the list don’t worry! Just give us an email with the make and model and we’ll contact Soloshot direct!

GoPro users can smile too as the Soloshot 2 tripod will hold almost all action cameras!

Is Soloshot 2 the new GoPro?

The Soloshot 2 is a revolutionary step in action sports footage. Just like the GoPro did when it first came out the Soloshot 2 has opened up an entirely new concept for every sports enthusiast in the world. Whilst the market is slowly flooding with first person action camera’s the Soloshot 2 stands alone allowing you to get third person footage just as if you had you own personal camera man! This incredible camera tripod can hold most cameras including action cameras and DSLRs and rotate them, tilt them and even operate the zoom to ensure they capture the perfect footage of you every time you head onto the water!

The way the tripod works is to have a clever base unit underneath the camera which is tracking a transmitter tag worn on an armband by the user. This tag is waterproof, bash proof and generally sport proof! Once you have paired up the tag with the transmitter you can move freely within a 2000ft distance at speeds of up to 180mph and constantly be tracked by your camera! As an extra option you can buy your Soloshot 2 with the Camera Controller. This clever devise gives the tag wearer a range of options when it comes to recording. They can stop and start the recording, use multiple tags to capture footage of their friends at the same time and use multiple tripods to get more angles of themselves. With the camera controller connected the Soloshot 2 can zoom your camera in and out giving you the best possible footage of every session.

Another clever addition to the Soloshot 2 capabilities is barrel mode. By using this setting on the base unit the tripod will track your speed and continue to follow your projected ride as you sit inside the barrel on a wave. Once you exit the Soloshot 2 immediately picks you up again. You also needn’t worry about security as the Soloshot 2 has slots for putting a locking cable through so you can lock both the tripod and camera to a post or tree and leave it there with confidence.

We’ve been using and selling the Soloshot 2 for a while now and the more we get to know this product the better it becomes. We’ve used it for windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing and SUPing and the footage everytime has been awesome! Our customers have used the Soloshot to shoot even more including rock climbing, paragliding, horse riding and much more! It’s time you joined the fun and starting scoring perfect footage of your own sessions!

We’re stoked with the Soloshot 2 and definitely believe that this is where self photography is at right now! Is Soloshot 2 the new GoPro? No, it’s in a league of it’s own! Check out our Soloshot page for all of the package deals and product information.

Boylo’s Wave of the Winter Winner Steve Thorpe!

Boylos Wave of the WinterAfter a great Wave of the Winter competition we have a winner, Steve Thorpe! Boylo’s team member Jake Patrick met up with Steve for a quick interview with the the 2014/15 champion!

When did you decide the forecast was go? were you set on one spot or did you look around?

“I got a heads up from Aleksy Gayda and Jony Price. Jony’s from Ireland so keeps an eye on the West coast forecasts and saw this solid one coming! We did a lot of driving over the two days all over Mayo, Leitrim, Sligo and Donegal. Day 1 was a nice warm up in smaller clean point break waves. Sunday was the big day, 7m @ 16s!”

How was the journey over and who were you with?

“I went over with Aleksy as foot passengers in the Holyhead/Dublin ferry. Bargain £60 each. Then Jony picked us up in his van.”

Boylo's Wave of the Winter Winner Steve Thorpe

Steve and Aleksy Gayda’s kit rigged and ready outside Jony Price’s van. Aleksy, Jony and Steve were all riding K4Fins setups on this massive day!

Were conditions ideal or tricky? What equipment were you using?

“We sailed at Magheroarty, the easiest and most reliable spot going. It was pretty tricky though due to the size of the swell and the amount of wind! It was 3.7 weather cross shore so there was some pretty huge chop on the faces to contend with. The waves which normally break with a channel on the reef were occasionally closing out across the bay. It was pretty hard to line up the best place on the waves as you were almost playing with the size of a football pitch, then going mach ten to keep up with the wave and having extra speed to reposition was tricky due to the chop! So not that easy! I’d prefer a nice clean predictable mechanical big barrel anytime! But big and wild is always fun too :)
Kit used was my 75ltr twin with k4fins Stubbies and my 4m Firelight, due to being restricted to what I could carry over. Otherwise a 3.7 and my flatter rockered 85 would have been awesome!”

Boylo's Wave of the Winter Winner Steve Thorpe

Aleksy Gayda face to face with one of those massive width of the bay closeouts!

Finally please just talk us through the rides, for us mortals it’s hard to imagine riding waves like that, could you try and paint the picture?

“Even when it’s a big day like this you’re always trying to find the biggest lumps on the horizon -nothing worse than riding in on a tiddler then gybing off it and getting obliterated by the set wave behind. So having found a big one it’s then pedal to the metal to try and stay in front of it -bigger waves always travel noticeably faster. The real tricky part was it being super windy cross shore with big chop, so to go ‘down the line’ and keep up with the breaking part of the wave was really tough -just sheeting in was tricky!. So it was kind of like a speed-sailing day with some 2ft chop thrown in! I think between Aleksy and myself we missed quite a few rides due to not being able to keep up with the open face, they were racing away if the chop slowed you down even on our twinnies. Great fun to be going flat out and chasing the wave, trying to get back up to the top for the odd mush bash!”

Boylo's Wave of the Winter winner Steve Thorpe!

Steve charging double mast high conditions with precision and control! A worthy winner of Boylo’s Wave of the Winter!

“Eventually I got caught by a big one and it was game over -massive swim all the way in after the gear and a torn sail.”

Boylo's Wave of the Winter Prize

Big thanks to the support from all of the brands for such an awesome prize! Next year if you go big this could all be yours!

“I wanna say a Huge thanks to Boylo’s for running the comp and to the brands for sorting out an amazing prize haul! I’m so stoked! And thanks to Jony Price for taking the pics – he’s getting the wetsuit :) Roll on next winter :)

It’s been an awesome competition and it’s great to have such a worthy winner. But we were stoked to see so many people braving the cold and getting out there to show us that these isles are capable of some awesome conditions! Make sure you keep hitting the water and please send any piccy’s or vids of your action to info@boylos.co.uk and we’ll get you online! See you on the water!

Kayak Hire in Lyme Regis – Boylo’s Watersports

Kayak Hire in Lyme Regis is something that has been missing for a number of years. So last summer we decided to test the water with a couple of boats and now as of this year we are officially offering a fleet of rental kayaks for locals and holiday makers alike!Kayak hire in Lyme RegisOur beautiful Jurassic Coastline is one of the most dramatic backgrounds for watersports in the UK and paddling on a Kayak is the best way of experiencing it! A kayak gives you complete control of your journey. Where you go, when you go, and how fast you go is entirely up to you. Rent Kayaks with a friend and share the experience for twice the enjoyment!

Kayak Hire in Lyme Regis

Is there a better coastline to explore than this?

We have all the equipment you’ll need to safely enjoy your kayak rental period. When you book with us we provide:

  • A top quality Sit On Top Kayak
  • A paddle to go with that Kayak
  • A waterproof case to store your phone, car keys, money, etc.
  • A rough guide to our reccomended paddling area
  • Contact details for us and the emergency services in case you need them

The bay here in Lyme Regis is very protected from the prevailing South Westerly winds making it the perfect spot for paddle sports. Even when the wind does pick up the harbour wall and extensive sea defenses ensure that the bay stays calm and manageable for everyone including beginners.

Out on the water you’ll be joined and greeted by fish, sea birds and lots of friendly water users. Lyme Regis is an inviting place to pursue watersports and what’s more with the RNLI lifeguards situated right on the beach you’ve never been in a safer place!

kayak hire in lyme regis

For more information on our Kayak Hire in Lyme Regis please contact a member of our Boylos Team!

Boylo’s Wave of the Winter Entries

Boylo's Wave of the Winter

Thanks to the great support of all the brands involved the Boylo’s Wave of the Winter competition is booming!

Winter 14/15 started off quite slowly with a few small low pressures coming through in December but nothing that really set the world on fire. The Christmas/ New year holidays though seem to have opened the gates for much better conditions and more entries to our Boylo’s Wave of the Winter competition! Having done the maths, the prize for our competition is worth a mouth watering £1,133.74!!! And it seems more and more people are sensing the opportunity to win themselves some awesome gear!!!

The Entries

1. Jordan Buckland – Lyme Regis

2. Sam Latham – Shoreham

3. Callum Taylor – Lyme Regis

4. Rob Richardson – Gwithian

5. Callum Taylor – Lyme Regis

6. Warren Rowe – Bournemouth

Warren Rowe

7. Jony Price – Ireland

Jony Price

As you can see we’re receiving some awesome entries and more are sent in each week! The judges for the competition are looking for the best wave not neccessarily the biggest one. So make sure you send in your pic or footage as if you do a great move, edit a great video or simply fill the judges with stoke you could be the one who wins our unbelievable prize bundle!!!

The Prize

Boylo's Wave of the Winter Prize

Each brand has donated to the Wave of the Winter Prize and the bundle now has a total worth of £1,133.74!!!

For your chance to win this prize you need to email your photo (.jpg) or video (.MOV) to info@boylos.co.uk before the end of February! The winner will be announced on the 1st of March! Good Luck!

K4 Fins the rise and rise of a british brand

With all of the breezy conditions recently it’s been great to see a lot of people out on the water windsurfing! There’s nothing we love more than sails on the water and smiles on faces! Something that we’re noticing is the amount of bright yellow fins seen underneath wave and freestyle boards! The popularity of K4 Fins is sky high and we wanted to look at how K4 are managing to slowly but surely take over the wave and freestyle market not just here in the UK but globally!


One thing that goes without question is the performance pedigree that K4 Fins have. The founder, Steve Thorpe, is known national and globally as an absolute charger! He regularly travels the length of the British Isles in search of the most hardcore wave sailing conditions. As I type in fact Steve is in Ireland on a spur of the moment trip chasing some of the most full adrenaline conditions in the world! It is from Steve’s lust for performance windsurfing that the fins were born. Unsatisfied with what was on offer on the market Steve set about building new fins for his wave board that would offer him the turning capabilities that he was after, soon after the K4 Fins flex was born.

Steve Thorpe

K4 Fins founder Steve Thorpe testing out his latest fins at UK Big Wave spot ‘The Cribbar’!


The performance that Steve has strived to perfect in the K4 Fins is almost faultless. When generally wave riding they provide a predictable and forgiving ride with the flex of the fins working with your movements and pressures you put through your feet. When landing big jumps the fins again flex and this helps you be in more control when first hitting the water rather than skidding out. Waveriding is where the fins really excel though and this is what K4 have to say about the performance: “In your bottom turn the flex of the fins allow you to drive them hard and fast. As you’re going through the bottom turn and your speed starts to drop off the fins give you something back. All that ‘stored’ energy from flex is given back to you when you need it most. In doing so you don’t get stuck through your turn. You can power all the way through to the lip and smack it at full velocity.” This isn’t just marketing gobble, all of the team here have made the transfer from conventional G10′s to the new K4 Fins setups and all of us swear by the performance benefits!

K4 Fins

The harder you push through the bottom turn the more drive the fins will give you to unleash at the top!

Pro riders

To prove the point of the performance of the K4 Fins you need only look at their current team. This is no accumulation of small local heroes. The K4 Fins team includes some of the biggest names in windsurfing right now including: Graham Ezzy, Leon Jamaer, Omar Sanchez, Alastair Mcleod, Emilio Galindo, Andy ‘Bubble’ Chambers, Aleksy Gayda, Loick LeSauvage and many more! PWA competitors in wave and freestyle are using the fins to push their own competitive level to podium winning heights! Perhaps the most A-List name of all is Graham Ezzy. Graham chose to join the team a few years ago and has since released his own signature model fins which he uses to win professional tour competitions in Ho’okipa and charge massive Jaws!!!

Graham Ezzy

Pro team rider Graham Ezzy praises the fins for his performance in the PWA Mauii event saying “‘My flexible K4 fins give me a massive advantage over most of the other riders who use stiff G10 fins. You can see it in my carves– I can keep speed as I redirect.”


You would think that with the added performance of the fins as well as the top flight team names, K4 Fins would cost you a fortune and far more than their lesser performance G10 rivals. You would be wrong. K4 Fins have added performance proven by the backing of many of the best windsurfers in the world and the cost less than any alternative we have found on the market! A set of Quad rears costs £47.50 and the fronts £22.50! Which means that for the price of 1 of the G10 competitors fins you can have an all new setup of the highest performance fins on the market!

K4 Fins

The affordability of K4 Fins means that now everyone can experiment with the best setups for their boards without breaking the bank!


It’s actually very easy to see why we’re seeing so many yellow finned boards on the water these days. With higher performance and lower cost why would anyone bother looking at any G10 versions? You can view our full range by clicking K4 fins

SUP Trotters the social network for Stand Up Paddlers

SUP Trotters is a social network made for Stand Up Paddlers. The site is new and something that the team here at Boylo’s are very excited about! The site has lots of interactive features that allow you to share your passion for SUP with a global community. You can meet new people, find new spots and share your experiences!

Log your sessions

SUP trotters

Log details of your SUP sessions for your own records and to show your mates!

The session logging is a great feature as it helps shed some light over what you like most and what you need to work on. What was your favourite spot this year? Which board did you use the most? It’s all recorded for you and your mates to see.

Discover new spots

SUP trotters spots

Log where you’ve been and find out where others have had sessions to unlock new spots for your future adventures!

With the spots logged on SUP Trotter you can browse tonnes of new locations for SUP all around the world and see pictures and statistics. Where will you go on your next trip?

Meet other paddlers

SUP trotters

Meet people and make more friends on the water!

This is the most exciting social aspect! Connect with other SUPers find out where they normally ride, what gear they like to use there then send them a message and see if you can share a session! It’s all about spreading the love and enthusiasm on this SUP specific social networking site!

We’re registered already on SUP trotters and you can find details of our lessons and equipment on there as well as on our site! We look forward to seeing you on this fast moving network and more importantly on the water!

Boylo’s Wave of the Winter…

Boylos Wave of the Winter

Thanks to the backing of all of the brands we have our first National competition!

This winter we’re running our first ever watersports competition, Boylo’s Wave of the Winter! Those of you from the surfing world will be familiar with the format as it is almost identical to the Hawaiian North Shore competition that you’ll see all over the web. We want to showcase the awesome conditions that the UK and Ireland can get in the depth of the winter low pressures and we want to encourage all riders to push their performance to the next level when the conditions are on!

The Rules

The rules of this competition are pretty easy! The wave ridden must be in the UK and Ireland. You must have either a picture or a video of you riding the wave. That’s it. A key point is that ANY wave riding equipment can be used! We want this to be a watersports event, so whether you’re on a windsurfer, kitesurf kit, SUP, surfboard, bodyboard, kayak or whatever else you choose, if you ride the BEST wave this winter and get a picture or video of you doing so, you’ll be the 2014/2015 Champion!!! There’s no limit on how many times you can enter so keep going big and send in all of your awesome rides!

The Prize

On the 1st of March the Boylo’s Team will go through all the entrants and pick the winner based on wave size and quality of the ride. This charger will receive a Winners jersey to wear proudly all year, plus a box of goodies from some of the biggest brands in watersports and we will use our connections with watersports magazines and websites to get the winner and the wave published either online or on print!

Boylo's Wave of the Winter Prize

Each brand has donated to the Wave of the Winter Prize and the bundle now has a total worth of £1,133.74!!!


To enter the competition you must email your application to: info@boylos.co.uk and you MUST include the subject: BOYLOS WAVE OF THE WINTER APPLICATION.

Your Email must contain:

  1. Name
  2. Date of the Session
  3. Location of the Session
  4. Email Address
  5. Delivery Address
  6. Mobile Number
  7. Home Number

Provided all of the neccessary information is in your email application, your picture or video will be posted onto our Boylo’s Facebook Page our Google+ Page our Twitter Page and if it’s a video our Youtube Channel with your name and the date of the ride. You can find your ride by searching #boyloswaveofthewinter.

Boylo's Wave of the Winter

No matter what you use if you ride the best wave, you win!

Not got a camera man?

Not many of us have a buddy or family member keen to stand on the shore on a big day and wait for what could be your winning ride. If you find yourself in this cameraman-less position don’t worry as we sell the best gear for getting the perfect shots and videos of you doing your thing! If you want to make sure you capture the winning ride then purchasing a GoPro or Soloshot from our store could be the best thing you buy this winter!

Boylo's Wave of the Winter

Grab a GoPro Hero 4 for that epic personal view or the new Soloshot 2 automatic tripod for the ultimate camera man-esque footage!

So that’s it! We can’t wait to see the footage and pics, so get out there! Good luck and Go Big!

Soloshot 2 Automatic Tripod!

Soloshot are an ambitious new company that have completely changed the world of self photography! Much like the first GoPro camera was a game changer, the Soloshot Automatic Tripod has opened up a previously unexplored avenue within the watersports industry. First person angles make for great viewing but everybody knows that the best video’s come from having a dedicated camera man stood on the shore pointing the lens in the right direction. That’s why Soloshot decided to develop the very first automatic camera man. The Soloshot was born and the tripod blew the market wide open. Full automatic panning meant great footage without relying on anyone to hold the camera!

The Soloshot 2

Soloshot 2

The brand new Soloshot 2 is setting a new benchmark for self photography!

The all new Soloshot 2 Automatic Tripod is the evolution of the original model. Whereas the first tripod simply panned this new tripod has automatic Pan, Tilt and Zoom and is also capable of tracking multiple tags and switching between users depending on settings!

The tilt and zoom options on the new tripod create a more life-like footage capture. There are three main settings for the zoom and once you have chosen which of the three frame sizes you want the base unit will automatically track you and zoom in or out when you move closer or further away! On top of this amazing new tracking ability is the staggering amount of control that users now have over the camera. Whether it’s when to record or which settings they want the tripod to follow users can make changes simply by using the tag armband. Check out the video below to see just how much control and quality the new Soloshot offers:

Innitially developed by surfers the Soloshot 2 tripod is being used by more and more different sports athletes. Anyone who wants sharp constantly tracked footage of themselves performing whether as a training aid or for personal enjoyment needs to try one of these new tripods. With the pan, tilt and zoom tracking there isn’t a sport that the soloshot isn’t suitable for.

When can I get one?

Soloshot pride themselves on the quality of their products and the new tripod was heavily delayed to ensure that they could perfect every aspect of it’s design. The good news though is that Boylo’s had 2 brand new items preordered and we have just received them in store! We are offering a full package deal with the Base Unit, Camera Controller, Tripod and Tag all for just £446.99! Make sure you check out our Soloshot page on our website to order yours today!