O’Neill Pyrotech Review – Winter Wetsuit

Jack O’Neill started his business over 60 years ago and to this day O’Neill has been the name to beat when it comes to cold water surfing products. Modern advances in technology and construction processes have meant that the quality of wetsuits is at an all time high. O’Neill recently brought out the Pyrotech chest zip wetsuit as their top end alternative to the back zip Psycho 3. Two of our Boylos team members have been wearing the suits for a month now and have fed us back the information to give a detailed and quality review, read on.

O'Neill Pyrotech 5/3mm

First glance of the O’Neill Pyrotech 5/3mm.

In the O’Neill range the Pyrotech is the top drawer chest zip wetsuit. Packed with all the latest available technology and O’Neill’s most forward thinking design ideas, it shows exactlly what the brand are capable of and we’re impressed.

O'Neill Pyrotech 5/3mm

Striking colours are great on the new suit!

Firstly, the suit looks great! We love the colours on the shoulders and think it stands out but still looks professional. Secondly, the amount of features on this suit is astounding! O’Neill have held nothing back. The exclusive Technobutter neoprene is a material used only on the best O’Neill products and this adds to the Pyrotech’s comfort and performance, boasting a 20% lighter formula with 30% less water absorption and is the quickest drying neoprene on the market! This makes for a warm, dry suit that is so flexible it doesn’t limit your movement at all!

Wrist Seals O'Neill Pyrotech

Wrist seals add to the suits water tight design

O'Neill Pyrotech 5/3mm ankle seals

Ankle Seals prevent water rushing up your leg.










O’Neill have pieced all the panels together using their Fluid Seam Weld technology offering water tight seams across the suit. This works together with the plasma seals in the wrists and ankles and the super seal wrist cuffs to offer a very water resistant suit. The dryer you are inside the easier it is to keep warm.

O'Neill Pyrotech chest zip

F.U.Z.E. Entry system is fantastic!

In the interest of keeping the suit as water tight as possible the entry system has seen a huge amount of focus and design. The F.U.Z.E entry system has the same design as the patented Zen Zip Closure seen on the Psycho 3. A small exit hole on the exterior panel offering the water a route outside of the wetsuit meaning even if the rare flush happens less water goes inside your suit! The closure for the FUZE system is equally impressive, a Flush resistant zip with overlapping neoprene as well as a super seal shoulder that can be tightened using the adjustable pull cord. With the two layers of neoprene plus all the closure features there really is minimal chance of flushing.

O'Neill Pyrotech 5/3mm Pyrotech

Firewall insulation keeps you warm in frigid waters.

Firewall Insulation

Firewall Insulation back and front for a super warm surfing experience.










Inside this near watertight suit O’Neill have used their well praised firewall insulation. The grey panels you see on the pictures below offer another layer like wearing a fleece under your jacket on a winter day. This thermal wicking material keeps you warmer and dryer than you may have thought possible. The exterior side of these panels is covered in a wind proof single lined neoprene protecting your vitals from any biting wind chill.

Technobutter Neoprene

Technobutter Neoprene up close and personal.

O'Neill Pyrotech key pocket

Clever designs like the Key Pocket adds to the value.

The personal experience of the suit that our team members have provided have been highly satisfactory.

Murray who is an avid windsurfer had this to say: “It keeps me really warm even in the huge winter storms we’ve had this season. Normally I can manage an hour or so before the cold sets in and I’m off the water, but with the Pyrotech the only thing that gets me off the water is energy levels.”

Jake who is a keen surfer says: “I love my new suit! It looks awesome and I haven’t had one flush yet! I thought it would be really hard to get in and out of but it’s no harder than any other suit I’ve owned. It’s water tight, warm and mega flexy, Awesome suit!”

The testimonials speak for themselves and with rival suits all well over £300 the O’Neill Pyrotech offers superb value at just £249.95! Considering the huge amount of tech you get with this suit, the perfect fit offered by O’Neill and the Unbelievable value for a suit of this caliber you’d be daft not to buy one! We’re massive fans and give a rating of 10/10 for the O’Neill Pyrotech, follow the link to find out more and buy yours today!


A Winter of Watersports in Lyme Regis

With the Spring months upon us it’s time we had a look back at what this incredible winter has cooked up on the water! Yes, there were floods and damage but for all Watersports lovers out there it has been a winter of seriously good water time! Kites, Windsurfers, Kayaks, SUP’s, Surfers, Sailors and Swimmers have all had their days to enjoy. Here is our write up of some of the Epic sessions this winter that we managed to get on camera!


The 15th of December was one of our first true tastes of what was to come. Strong south westerly winds built throughout the day pushing the waves up too. Kitesurfing was the sport for the day but this weekend saw Windsurfers hitting the water too as well as committed surfers. The diversity was great to see and it set the tone for the sessions that were still to come.

Kitesurfer in Lyme Regis


On the 18th of December the winter through itself at us full force for the first time. Howling gales coupled with head high waves! It was a lot more onshore than some of the windsurfers had hoped, but with the first proper storm in the bay they wouldn’t miss it and three locals Murray Saunders, Sam Wood and Luke Nauen accompanied professional windsurfer Chris Murray and took to the sea performing big airs, jaw dropping freestyle and some great wave riding. A few surfers also took to the waves and managed some fun rides in the powerful surf but this was a day dominated by windsurfing.

Windsurfer in Lyme Regis


The build up to this epic session was boystrous to say the least. Strong winds and violent seas that calmed on this magic day to provide some of the biggest rideable waves of the winter! Local SUP rider Nick Wall managed to catch and ride the bomb of the day and made it into the local paper and a national SUP website write up! There was a strong contingent of surfers out that day and they managed some great rides in a bay which is normally biased to the SUPs.

Paddle Boarder in Lyme Regis

31/01/14 – 02/02/14

This weekend provided one of the strongest low pressures of the winter and the windsurfers were scrambling to dust off their smallest sails and get out there! Head and a half high waves greeted the sailors on the water and provided plenty of swell for the surfers riding the inside break. Local windsurfer Sam Wood got the best shot of the day and took off on some of the huge ramps on his way to visit the gulls!

Wave Sailing in Lyme Regis


February was a beast of a month with HUGE low pressure systems battering the entire UK and causing widespread damage and disruption. Needless to say the windsurfers were there to capitalise and on the 5th, perhaps the biggest day of the winter, local sailor Murray Saunders and pro windsurfer Chris Murray rigged up in front of a camera crew and tried to get some decent shots amongst the chaos of the storm. The shifty winds near the harbour were tricky but offered a little shelter compared to the monstrous seas beyond the walls. Both riders battled the conditions and Chris managed the best turn of the day throwing more spray than any of us thought would come from the inside break!

Tushingham Windsurfer Chris Murray in Lyme Regis


Valentine’s eve offered some respite from the savage winds and waves that had ruined much of the UK. Once again the Paddle Boarders were out to make the most of the calmer conditions and local paddlers Nick Wall and Sam Wood had a great session in the sun in front of our shop. Shoulder high sets were there to be had and both men enjoyed some playful lefts and rights.

Boylos SUP


Valentines day was full of romance, but no one had told the weather! Whilst many hoped for starlit clear skies at night and warm sun in the day, mother nature cooked up a big one and threw storm force winds and more overhead high waves into the bay. This unknown kitesurfer was the lone venturer and had the wind and waves all to himself. Showing a great deal of skill on a small surfboard he slashed some of the biggest waves of the day infront of an admiring crowd of spectators.

Kiting in Lyme Regis


The winds calmed the day after Valentines and with the perfect shoulder to head waves to himself, Nick Wall paddled out and SUP surfed a few great rides across the bay. This shot bottom turning back toward the lip was the pick of the day.

Bottom Turn SUP

 Unfortunately the camera wasn’t out for every session and despite these great shots many brilliant rides, jumps and all round water riding moments were missed. But in a winter full of great sessions does it really matter? If you weren’t lucky enough to be here for these sessions then you can check out loads more pictures of all the action that went on by liking our facebook page and checking out the albums with all the shots of the storms and those who rode them.

If you’re feeling dissapointed you missed some of the action don’t worry! Spring is here and great sessions are still to be had, especially with the lighter nights building, you can even sneak out after work! Remember though the water is cold so get the right Wetsuits and Accessories before you hit the water, check the forecast and most of all let someone know you’re out there, otherwise you’ll have these brave souls out there looking for you! Have fun and we’ll see you on the water.

Lyme Regis RNLI

How long should my SUP Paddle be?

This is a topic we have covered but due to the rapid changes in the sport and demand we’ve written this up to help you all work out what you want to do. The debate over SUP Paddle length has been a long and confusing one. As with all relatively new and fast growing sports there are grey areas. The ideal SUP Paddle length is one of those areas that more and more people are desperately trying to figure out. We’re going to try and shed some light on what theories you should trust and how you can sort out your perfect paddle height.

There are many formulas out there telling you what to multiply and then divide and finally subtract in order to find the length that is right for your paddle. But among all of them, there are only a couple that really make sense to us.

First we have what is commonly known as the Laird Hamilton approach. Place your paddle upright in front of you on the floor, blade down, and reach up with your hand. Your hand needs to sit comfortably on top of the handle when the arm is outstretched. He suggests that your paddle needs to sit roughly a foot longer than you are tall. This is the technique that has been adopted by our BSUPA SUP coach too. Below is a picture of the Laird technique and our instructor utilising his paddle which he uses for teaching, touring and surfing in all conditions, one paddle fits all! He is 6ft3″ and his paddle measures in at a perfect 7ft3″.

SUP paddle length

Laird use this simple method and then uses the same length paddle for cruising around on flat days as he does for charging big waves!

SUP Paddle length

From teaching the basics on flat water to surfing in all conditions, Laird’s technique works great for our BSUPA instructor.

The above technique is one that is very popular in the SUPing world, especially as Dave Kalama another giant of the sport mirrors Lairds approach.

Starboard are one of the biggest, if not the biggest name in SUP at the moment. Numerous world champions in multiple disciplines as well as one of the most comprehensive ranges of boards and paddles on the market. What their gurus suggest for paddle length varies slightly from the Laird technique but actually results in a paddle of the same length! Their method is to stand the paddle on the floor handle down this time and cut the length so that where the blade starts to bottle neck away from the shaft is eye level. We have a picture below to demonstrate what we mean:


When our instructor turns his paddle on end for the starboard technique it measures in perfectly. These techniques differ in approach but result in the same length paddle so which ever you choose you should be fine.

So if you’re after one size paddle for all of your SUPing needs either of the above techniques are what we recommend for an all round perfect length. From flat water cruising and racing, to surfing waves small or large it is possible to have just the one paddle.

If you’re still unconvinced though and would like more advice on what SUP paddle to buy and what length to cut it please call one of our Boylos team members and they will be more than happy to help you. Above all have fun on the water!


Surf Clothing keeping you snugg through the winter.

Surf Clothing may not be the first thing you associate with the winter, but it could be the clothing you need to keep warm and stylish right through to the Spring. Surf Clothing has become more fashionable throughout the years and you can now confidently strut the high street in nothing but surf branded clothes. Here at Boylos we carefully pick our Mens Surf Wear and Womens Surf Wear to make sure that it suits the seasons perfectly.

One thing that we are loving this winter is beanies. A good beanie is the perfect reliable companion for the winter months. Whether you are getting out of a cold winter surf session, or leaving work at the end of the day. The right beanie will give you some much needed warmth and bravery to tackle the cold on the way home. Knitted beanies are a festive reminder of the good things about winter and technical beanies are so warm you forget about the cold and simply enjoy yourself. One of our personal favourites from the current line up is the Oxbow Balki

Oxbow Beanie

With a festive knit pattern, inner insulation and of course the bobble on top, we think the balki epitomizes all things good about knit beanies!

A must have in the winter is a proper coat. Your winter coat is perhaps the most important item of your winter wardrobe! Due to it’s vital nature, it’s important that you buy a very good, if not the best winter coat you can possibly get hold of. Believe us, pay the money for a decent coat and it will serve you ten times that of a cheaper alternative. The O’Neill Woods Jacket is one of the women’s favourites in our range of Surf Jumpers and Jackets. With a 3000mm waterproof rating and 3000grs breath-ability rating, plus a 2 layer outer, it has enough tech to get you through the bitterist of winter months! Plus with the shaped middle and gorgeous nature inspired colourway it will look great wherever you are!

o'neill woods jacket

Thick, Warm, Protective and Good Looking.

Getting it right with your winter clothing is essential to enjoying our beautiful country all year. A well placed purchase for the right winter jacket, beanie, jumper or scarf could be the difference between a smile on you face after a cold winter surf, or a shivery drive home. Make sure you get the right clothing for your winter of enjoyment and make the most of the beautiful days and epic conditions that come our way this time of year!

Surf Clothing

The right Winter Clothing will make all the difference.


Windsurfing in the UK

What is Windsurfing?

Windsurfing has been around since the 60′s and by the late 70′s it was said that 1 in 3 homes in europe owned a ‘sailboard’ or windsurfer. After this initial boom, things did calm down slightly, but windsurfing continued to grow across the globe. By the 90′s, windsurfing had developed into a high octane, high speed extreme sport. Images of big jumps and fast wave riding filled magazines and later social media. All the development of the sport has resulted in a vast world wide following.

Sail Board

Windsurfing has been popular from the start

But how can you get into windsurfing? Do you need to be in Maui in order to be good at windsurfing? Is the UK even any good for it? The answer is no, you don’t need to live in Maui and yes, windsurfing in the UK is fantastic! From weekend warriors to competing professionals, the UK provides some of the best conditions for all types of windsurfing throughout the year. Living on a relatively small island that experiences plenty of rain throughout the year, is perfect for windsurfing enthusiasts. We can pick and choose between a massive array of coastal locations, as well as a huge amount of inland lakes. Diversity of conditions is perhaps the best part of windsurfing in the UK. Whether you want to learn on flat water in calm winds, or fly high in stormy seas, there is somewhere in the UK to suit everyone.

How do you start Windsurfing?

So what do you do if you want to learn to windsurf? The best way to start is to visit one of the many windsurfing centres around the UK. Windsurf Lessons from fully trained instructors, are the perfect way to ensure you learn the correct techniques in the fastest and safest way possible. A couple of prime locations for learning to windsurf are Portland Harbour and Sandbanks, Poole. Poole in particular offers sheltered conditions with shallow water and clean wind. The more conducive the location is to windsurfing the easier it is to learn, so choose the location carefully.

RYA start windsurfing

RYA Lessons are the best way to get started.

What to do once you can Windsurf!

Once you’ve learnt and mastered the basics of windsurfing, there are a few directions you could take to continue your progress. Free riding is the most common windsurfing discipline. Sailing at your leisure, in a place of your choice. Typical free riders use fast, easy to use boards and sails to match. They cruise around powered by nothing but the wind and loving every minute!

Freeride windsurfer

Freeriding is the essence of windsurfing, simply fun!

If you want to get into windsurfing more seriously however, then racing, freestyle or wave riding might tickle your fancy. Racing has a few disciplines in itself and offers speed sailing, slalom and course racing.

Course racing is what you see in the Olympics. Racing up, across and down wind, around large buoys, in order to be the first over the finish line. It means regular water time for the competitors and on a national level, a great social scene.

Olympic Windsurfing

Course Racing features in the Olympics and Brits are regular medal winners!

Slalom racing is perhaps the most exciting windsurf racing discipline. Competitors storm through the start line at the sound of the buzzer, travelling at top speed! They then have to weave their way down wind, gybing round buoys and avoiding collisions, again in the hope they cross the finish first. This is an adrenaline pumping way to meet and compete with like minded windsurfers.

PWA Slalom

Slalom Racing is fast, ferocious and fun!

Speed Sailing is obvious in name and terrific in nature. Sailors use the most powerful sails on the fastest boards and zip across the water at the fastest speed they can manage. Competitors wear GPS units to measure and compare their speeds with others. The winner is quite obviously the fastest. This is a highly technical style of windsurfing and one that many experienced sailors excel in. If you have an addiction to going fast, then this is the style for you!

Speed windsurfing

Speed sailing is for the elite, reaching speed of over 50 knots!

Away from the racing scene are the wave and freestyle disciplines. These disciplines require high winds and small equipment. Boards commonly known as ‘sinkers’ are fast and nimble and give the riders ultimate manoeuvrability. Freestyle windsurfing has really taken off in the last 10 years and the moves possible for those on the professional circuit, are awesome to watch and even more awesome to do! Generally, modern freestylers are looking for flat water and high winds to unleash their repertoire of spins, flips and tricks in front of an awed crowd. A demonstration of some of the insane moves being completed in freestyle windsurfing can be seen in the video below:

Wave riding is perhaps the headline discipline for serious windsurfers. Made popular by the endless cover shots of Maui’s Hookipa state park. Wave riding has become an obsession for all coastally rooted windsurfers. Again, a typically high wind discipline, riders use small, nimble equipment to jump high off the waves on the way out and surf the waves on the way in. Nowadays, a mixture of flowing wave riding and explosive freestyle, is what it takes to be the best on the water. The feeling, footage and pictures of windsurfers enjoying the waves is truly amazing and it’s easy to see why so many people enjoy this area of the sport.

wave windsurfing

Windsurfing on the waves is truly putting yourself into the elements!

What does Boylo’s think about Windsurfing?

As you can see, the variety of windsurfing styles, locations and conditions in the UK is massive. We think this is why the UK is the ideal place to be a windsurfer. If you choose to, you can free ride around the lake near home with your friends on one day and then chase the swell to the coast the next! With such good learning facilities on offer and hundreds of helpful shops to get you the gear you need, there has never been a better time to get into windsurfing.


Weendy app taking over in Lyme Regis

Weendy is a clever new app which allows watersports enthusiasts to instantly share weather updates with each other from their favourite beaches. Weendy is something of a social networking app for those that love extreme sports. Think of it like instagram, but instead of posting a picture with a caption for people to like, you are posting a real time photo of the water conditions, along with a short description of wind speed, wave size etc. We’ve been using it here at Boylos now for a couple of weeks and it’s awesome!

Weendy App

The combination of wind speed, a description and the photo or video makes for the best all round perspective of the conditions.

The above picture is what you see when using Weendy. The interactive map of your local area alerts you to updates from local weendy users. When you click a new update the above screen appears with either a picture or video of the conditions. This is one of our favourite features on the weendy app as it allows you to make up your own mind on what the conditions look like, as if you were actually on the beach!

Weendy App

Clean and clear pages make navigating Weendy a breeze!

Following people on weendy couldn’t be easier. It doesn’t matter if you are at your home spot, or a brand new location, you simply search for locals and click ‘follow’ on their profile. Just like twitter. Once following someone you will receive all of their on the spot updates of the local locations. Don’t worry if you haven’t received an update for the spot you want thoug. If you know someone is in the area you’re interested in (like Boylos in Lyme Regis) you can ‘ping’ them to ask them for an update.

What this interactive, information based app does, is make it easier for all of us to keep in touch regarding where is best to use the water. This also keeps costs of texting and calling down, not to mention the wasted petrol used for a journey that doesn’t work out. With Weendy, you simply log in, check the updates or ask someone for one, make your mind up on whether it is worth a drive and get down there!

Lyme Regis Windsurfing

Never miss an epic session again!

Like we say, we’ve been using Weendy down here now for a couple of weeks and we’re so impressed. The convenience and ease of use of this app make for an all round enjoyable experience. We’re stoked on it and try to update it every day, so get it downloaded and start following! Make the switch today from conventional forecasts and you won’t look back. If you’ve got any questions get in touch via our website.

Soloshot review

Soloshot are an innovative company that have created a real gem of a product in the Soloshot Automatic Tripod. The Tripod is a huge step forward in self filming and photography. Allowing surfers, windsurfers, kitesurfers, SUPers and all other sports fanatics to get quality video and or photographs, without having to rely on a friend or loved one holding the camera the whole time!


The Tripod will rotate to follow you for a duration of 5 hours! Imagine watching your kid play a football game and not worry about filming as you know the soloshot won’t miss a thing!

The Soloshot works by connecting the waterproof and shock proof transmitter on your arm band, to the signal box on the stem of the tripod. A simple pairing process shown in the appealing video below is all it takes to set up the tripod ready for use. The range for the transmitter is awesome too, from 50-2000ft! Perfect for those windsurfers and kitesurfers who like to blast the entire bay! Also with 360 degree rotation the camera won’t miss a thing.

Any camera will fit on the tripod fitting and you don’t have to worry about security as there is a step in place to allow you to lock the camera to the tripod and then the tripod to whatever you like; a tree, a lampost, etc.

We’re really impressed with the simple and highly functional way this product works. A first of it’s kind, we can see this being a GoPro-esque product and a true market leader. Although we’re sure there will be immitations, the Soloshot is truly the best quality product out there. Whether you want to set your picture camera to time lapse or simply get some great video this is definitely the product you need. 10/10 from the Boylos team!

Paddle Boarding is fast growing in the UK

Paddle Boarding is fairly new to our blustery British shores, but already it has a massive following. Paddle Boarding is even stealing some of the surfers from our shores and making them pure converts. But what is it that is so appealing and why are so many people getting hooked?

As you can see from the BSUPA National wave finals in the video above, SUPing in the waves is very popular! Even in the smallest and weakest of surf SUPing can be tonnes of fun. The extra size of the Paddle Boards coupled with the advantage of the paddle allows for early entry, easy speed and glide, big slashes and turns without powerful waves and confidence in the stability of the board. With the newer more performance shapes on sale, real surfing maneuvers can be performed!

Paddle Boarding in the waves

Paddle Boarding is developing in to a truly explosive sport in the waves!

Racing is also growing into a world renowned competitive sport and is even more popular than the wave riding here in the UK. Coastal or inland waters offer up the perfect diversity of conditions for all disciplines of racing. Sprints, course racing and long distance marathons give a racing discipline for every individual and athletes can push as hard as they like. Longer, narrower boards and more efficient and powerful paddles are used to get the maximum speed out of every stroke. On the world tour, the speed of the sprints is truly remarkable and the UK racing is scene is feeding from the success of the world tour and gathering a vast and regular following of addicted racers!

Paddle Boarding

The 11 Cities SUP race in the Netherlands lasts for days and covers 220Km! Sam Ross from the UK finished in the top 15 on a Red Paddle Co. inflatable racing SUP!

Recreational use is where the SUP’s are really taking over. Crossover boards such as the Starboard Blend or Drive allow riders to flat water cruise, tour the coast or do some surfing all with one board! This massive versatility is deleting the need for a kayak and a canoe and a surfboard and is very appealling to the money minded waterman. SUPing also offer another dimension to your on water experience. When standing your view down into the water is enhanced as well as your view across the water and into the distance. Standing and balancing also means using your core continually and the action of paddle stood up engages every muscle in the body, making Paddle Boarding one of the healthiest activities possible. For this reason many people including well known celebs, are using SUP’s as an enjoyable alternative to going to the gym!

Paddle Boarding

Nicole Scherzinger is well aware of the health and fitness benefits of this wicked sport!

It’s easy to see the massive appeal of this sport and with so many boards and paddle combinations on offer, there is a set up to suit everyone. We have a wide range of Stand Up Paddle Boards on offer at Boylos and our team are here to make sure you get the right gear! Follow the link to see the range and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

What to do in Lyme Regis.

What to do in Lyme Regis.

It’s a common question and with so many people curious of how to spend their time here, Boylos thought we’d do our own take on what to do in Lyme Regis. We’re sure there are plenty of guides out there who’ll give you suggestions for cafe’s, restaurants and rich history. But we’re a watersports shop and we think there’s a lot of stuff you can do here that isn’t on the guides.

Snorkeling and Diving

Throughout the summer the south coast often experiences long periods where the water is calm allowing for better water visibility. In Lyme, the break water, Cobb and angle of the coastline mean that the visibility can be excellent! The numerous reefs offer up all kinds of habitat for a wide variety of local sea creatures including fish, crabs and jellyfish. The bay is well policed and powered craft are kept well away from the generous swimming area, allowing you plenty of room for snorkeling in safety. If though this isn’t enough for you, there are diving trips run from the Cobb that will take you to the nearby boat wrecks!

What to do in Lyme Regis

The Blue Turtle diving trips run out of Lyme Regis are a brilliant way of seeing the bay from a completely different point of view!


Exploring the coast line in Lyme Regis is an awesome way to spend your time! On a Kayak you have the ease of sitting and travelling combined with the feel good factor of paddling there yourself. Whether mooching around the bay or making the trip to charmouth, the sea is your oyster! What’s more the protected bay offers the perfect conditions for wave enthusiasts to master their trade when the seas get rough. There is storage offered by the harbour master for privately owned kayaks at a very affordable price and many take advantage. No one as yet offers hire, but Boylos are currently talking through plans to make it so.

What to do in Lyme Regis

Kayaking in Lyme is a great way to see the sights and enjoy the water!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

SUPing has been huge here in Lyme this summer! The thrill and enjoyment that this simple sport provides is brilliant and with the Stand Up Paddle Courses offered at our shop, many people took to the sport for the first time. Exploring the coast, paddling in the bay or surfing the waves on a SUP is awesome and Lyme bay offers the perfect conditions for all three right through the year!

What to do in Lyme Regis

SUPing in Lyme Regis is great especially with friends!


Despite not being renowned as a surf destination, Lyme Regis does offer up the conditions needed for a good surf session. Plenty of reefs make for predictable breaking waves and easy paddle outs. There are sand bottomed smaller waves close to the harbour in the bay right through to the punchy reef wedge that is the Cobb wave so there is something for everyone. For the serious surfers Lyme isn’t perfect but as long as you’re willing to get out there and enjoy it you can still have plenty of fun!

What to do in Lyme Regis

Though fickle, the surfing in Lyme Regis can be brilliant!


Lyme Regis Sailing Club are regularly out on the water throughout the year with racing or lessons being run in the bay. The sailing here in Lyme can be fantastic, especially in the summer when the light thermal winds provide perfect learning or practicing conditions. For the more daring sailor Lyme Regis gets some serious conditions in the winter and can be a full on adrenaline pumper for those who venture out in the big SW’s!

What to do in Lyme Regis

The Lyme Regis Sailing club offer membership and lessons in the bay.


Windsurfing in Lyme on the right days is brilliant! Most windsurfers here are wave sailors and therefore favor the big S and SW winds which are cross-on or cross shore breezes usually bringing waves with them. The sheltered waters nearer the harbor give a great run up to the ramps that form near the middle of the bay making Lyme Regis a fantastic jumping spot! Whenever the winds are really blowing you can normally see a group of windsurfers making the most of it!

What to do in Lyme Regis

Windsurfing in Lyme Regis is as fun to simply watch as it is to do!


More and more people are taking to Lyme as a kite surfing spot. In the off season the beaches are quiet enough for launching and the wide bay offers plenty of room for multiple kiters. Whilst conditions can sometimes be a little choppy, Lyme is a great free riding spot and the lighter cross shore winds in the summer tend to be the favorites for the local kite surfing contingent.

What to do in Lyme Regis

Lyme Regis get’s moderate sea breezes right through the summer that are perfect for kiting!

As you can see, there is plenty to do here in Lyme Regis, especially from a watersports point of view! Our shop is situated right in the center of the bay and on the sea front and it is great to see the vast amount of people enjoying the waters here all through the year. If you are looking for something to do away from the norm and fancy getting into the ocean come and find our shop on the Marine Parade (01297 444222). Or Click this link for a map and contact form: Boylos.co.uk/Contact

We hope you love Lyme Regis as much as we do!