Surf T-shirts for a lifetime, why wear anything else?

With the recent post on inspiring the kids of this generation with Surf T-shirts from an early age. We thought we would expand on the theme and show you that there should never be an end to this Surf T-shirt wearing lifestyle. If you were born into a world of wearing Surf T-shirts and boardshorts and surfing, grew up like it, and spent your early adulthood living the same lifestyle. Why do you ever need to change your mindset?

For a reason known only to the powers above, many of us get to the point in life where we have ‘grown out’ of our carefree playful lifestyles. This is simply a nicer, more polite way of saying we have become REALLY boring!!! No more Surf T-shirts, less or no water time. How does this ever appeal? What could possibly be pushing us out of our fun life of Surf T-shirts, baggy pants and surfing and into a life of suits, ties and sensibility?

Surf T-shirt

Working for an expensive pointless sports car or looking forward to the moment you reveal the Surf T-shirt underneath and race to the waves after work? Know what we’d choose.

Why would we ever sacrifice those Surf T-shirts that brought so much joy?

Responsibility and materialism. Two things that give Surf T-shirts a massive kick in the kahunas! There comes a point where we seem to accumulate more and more responsibilities; Children, mortgages, cars, bills, the list goes on. Suddenly the carefree lifestyle of Surf T-shirts and late night surf’s seems immature and frankly a little selfish. But this sense of responsibility can be understood and should be taken seriously. It’s one of those things in life that happens and you simply have to do it. Even surfing can’t come before the welfare of a family! Materialism however, has no excuse. Once we start earning money, humans cannot help but be instinctively greedy. The best cars, latest clothes, nicest houses. It’s pathetic. Especially if this materialism directly impacts your surf time.

Spending your surfing hours working for a fast car is a surfers treason! Thankfully this materialism and new load of responsibility can be combatted and even combined with your old surf lifestyle. Responsibility is responsibility, you must do it. But why not reward your hard work and constant care with a 2 hour surf session each night? Chillout, enjoy the waves and go back to the life before responsibility. Without this downtime, you could find yourself resenting your responsibilities. However if, when you finish work, you stick on your Surf T-shirt, go for a surf, or a skateboard or whatever, you can return to your responsibilities with a fresh mindset and the constant fun of surf lifestyle as your motivation.

Surf T-shirt

Get away from the responsibility and the materialistic lifestyle and return to it the next day with a fresh outlook. Make’s the day in the office seem worth it.

Even the dreaded materialism can be mixed in with your Surf lifestyle. All you need to do is change your preferences. Rather than working towards that pricy, sports car. Why not go for the Surf board of your dreams! All those perfect, glorious boards you used to ogle at through windows and on the pages of magazines can now be a reality! The best wetsuit, the best boards and the best surf camper certainly beat an armani suit, a rolex and a porsche any day of the week!!!

Surf T-shirt

An original Gerry Lopez Lightning Bolt or a shiny Merc? No contest in our minds. (NOT A REAL RAFFLE JUST A PICTURE!!!)

So now you have mindset on ‘growing out’ of Surf T-shirts and into suits. But of course it is up to you to decide what you want. The door to a life of surfing and living in Surf T-shirts is always on the cards. Even more so when you start earning money! Don’t wait till retirement to start living the life you want. Work for the life you want and live it all the way through you won’t regret it.

Surf T-shirt

Suit by day, Surf T-shirt by night. If you have responsibilities to fulfil then make sure you reward yourself with the lifestyle you want.

If your after the life in Surf T-shirts then we have got plenty in stock for you to start choosing from. Make a stand, don’t ever grow out of anything. Have fun, surf, skate, whatever and switch suits for Surf T-shirts as often as you can! Welcome to the good life! Happy surfing!

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