ASP wave of the year!

The ASP is the Association of Surfing Professionals, the creme de la creme of the surfing world. Every year the athletes in the ASP travel the world on the tour, battling against each other to become champion of the world. The champions for 2012 were Joel Parkinson for the men and Stephanie Gilmore for the women, both are ozzies and both absolutely rip!

Joel Parkinson

ASP 2012 World Champ Joel Parkinson

Steph Gilmore

ASP Womens World Champ Stephanie Gilmore

Throughout the year the tour travels to many different spots and breaks making for great diversity in the waves. This diversity gives every riding style a chance, from new school airs, hard carves and big barrels, the tour has everything! This combination of the world’s best surfers, mixed with the best waves and the huge diversity, provides the tour with all the components needed for some of the best rides ever seen.

Each year, the ASP has an awards ceremony to congratulate winners, runners up and all the competitors on their efforts throughout the season. In this years awards will be the Wave of the year competition for both men and women. This is fought out between hundreds, maybe thousands of rides and has now been brought down to just 4 rides for each gender. What’s more, the ASP has given the deciding vote to us! Yes you can simply find the ASP website click on ‘vote’ and find your favourite ride for men and women and click your choice. If you do there is the chance you can win a JS surfboard! The likes of which are used on the tour by numerous athlete’s.

Between the men you have the dominant professional that is Kelly Slater, the power house that is Michel Bourez, the new school talent that is Gabriel Medina and the daredevil riding of Yadin Nichol. Every ride has you in disbelief but which of these are your favourites?

For the women it’s a similar story of power, grace and technique as Sally Fitzgibbons, Steph Gilmore, Tyler Wright and Lakey Peterson rip, duck and slash their way toward the best waves seen this year on the womens tour! With only one winners spot though, which one stands out to you?

If your feeling as pumped for a surf as we now are and these epic rides have given you some inspiration then why not get in the water ASAP and practise! If your after any gear like Wetsuits and accessories, Surfboards and SUP’s, Wax, Ding Repair or anything else water related we have a great range to give you every advantage in surfing the way you want to, like the pro’s! Happy Surfing!

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