Dropping the worlds jaws with Wave Sailing

Windsurfing is a great feeling, the concept of being moved across the surface of the water by something we cannot see has always intrigued us and given us massive enjoyment. Whether blasting across the water at full speed or simply gliding through it on a calmer day, using the wind to propel yourself forward standing on a board is highly addictive and satisfying. Taking all this addictiveness and satisfaction and then applying it to riding waves is simply on another level!

Wave sailing was born in the early years of windsurfing but at a much more timid level. Huge heavy boards and small sails were used and wave riding was in nothing more than knee high surf. The modern take on these humble beginnings is awesome to see! Huge arial acrobatics on the way out, wicked freestyle tricks and smooth rail to rail carving on the way in, the sport has evolved into a circus of unbelievable skills and moves.

The three sections to modern wave sailing are all joyous by themselves and awesome when mixed into the same session! First off, you need to leave the beach and get ‘out the back’ this is where the monstrous jumps and arial manuoevers have come into effect. Building up speed and hitting the oncoming waves as a ramp is the method for getting high, once there the ability to manipulate the board and sail allows riders to perform radical stunts and then (hopefully) land them cleanly ready to set up for the next ramp.

Marcilio Browne

Goya Team rider Marcilio Browne ‘Brawzinho’ is awesome in the air, here he is demonstrating how to perform a double forward loop!

Once out the back the riders will turn back around and focus on trying to spot a wave to ride back in. This is a skill in itself as seeing how a wave is formed from the front is one thing, but being able to notice a waves potentially when approaching from behind is really tricky. Providing the sailor does this well they then set themselves up for some proper wave sailing! Rail to rail carves, all the while moving their hand back and forward on the boom to pull power on in the bottom turn and release it all as smash the lip of the wave on the top turn. When done correctly, this whole ordeal becomes one seamless flowing movement and watching a master of the techniques is a real joy to watch.

Levi Siver

Style icon and Goya and Quatro Team rider Levi Siver shredding like he’s surfing!

Wave riding is amazing, but many of the new school wave riders are taking their time on the wave face to a whole new level by incorporating freestyle tricks into their rides. Spins, slides and loops all being performed when hitting the lip of the wave and then riding high over it, usually performing an insane move and then landing back onto the wave face to continue the display. The mixture of radical freestyle manoeuvres and smooth carving wave riding makes, wave sailing one of the most individualistic and personal forms of expression in watersports.

Ben Proffitt

Simmer Team rider and British champion Ben Proffitt showing some of the awesome freestyle ability that riders are fluidly mixing into their wave riding.

Obviously being on the right equipment is vital for wave riding. The boards tend to be low volume and surfboard like and the sails are compact and strong as well as manoeuvrable. At Boylos we adore wave sailing and our passionate staff are determined that we only stock the very best wave sailing kit. By following the link you can find Windsurf Wave Boards from Goya, Quatro and Simmer as well as sails from Goya and Simmer too! Get yourself on the best kit and get out there to perform your own wave sailing masterpiece! See you on the water!

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