Europe’s got surf to rival any spot!

In the surfing world, Europe has often been overlooked for it’s serious surfing potential, however, when you start to look into it, Europe has got waves that you would find really hard to beat! When people think of big wave riding in particular, their minds immediately shift over to the renowned Hawaiian breaks and huge Indonesian barrels. But why? Because they are the ones surfed most regularly, which is great! and bad. Take the most iconic of waves, pipeline for instance. A practically perfect wave, ruined by over promotion and consequently MASSIVE crowds!

Thankfully in Europe, the big wave surf scene is a little more on the down low and is only just beginning to be recognised for it’s epic potential. Waves appear all over the western coast of Europe, from Spain to Scotland there are spots that simply blow a surfers mind when the swells on. We’re going to list a few of our favourite spots in patriotic blog about the European big wave scene.

Ireland is the first stop in our European adventure. An epic big wave phenom, Ireland is very quickly being recognised as one of the best and most consistent big wave surfing locations in Europe. Our Boylo’s favourite in Ireland is the ferocious Mullaghmore Head. A towering left hander that explodes regularly just of the north western coast of Ireland. Often on the front of magazines it is a really good looking big wave and regularly provides riders with huge well formed barrels.

Mullaghmore Head surf

Mullaghmore Head in a superb big wave surfing spot!

Moving south, Belharra is a less renowned but equally impressive big wave spot, far off the coast of west france. An immensely tall, more slender wave, Belharra is reminisent of the big wave spot Jaws/Peahi in Mauii. Majestic in appearance it doesn’t often get surfed and unlike the crowded line up at Jaws, Belharra can offer almost exclusivity to those willing to surf it. With the recent low pressures on the Atlantic, Belharra has really been showing us what it is made of.

Belharra surf

Sun kissed Belharra in all it’s majesty.

Finally in our top three european big waves is the biggest in the world, Nazare. You may recognise the spot from the epic video of Garrett McNamara on his world record wave of over 75 feet! An awesome spectacle, Nazare thumps into the coast of Portugal and is so close to the cliffs that crowds can form and sit and watch as the daring surfers work their magic on the biggest wave spot in the world!

World record Nazare

Garrett McNamara’s world record breaking wave at Nazaré in portugal. What a monster!!!

So there you have it, Europe is not only capable of some of the biggest and best surf in the world. It is capable of the biggest and the best surf in the world! Worth noting though, these waves need more than your normal shortboards, guns are brave, jet skis are essential! Happy Surfing!

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