Flatwater fun, the Oxbow Waterman way.

All wind and wave riders have experienced the soul absorbing feeling of looking at the forecast and finding out the water will be flat and calm for a week or two. It sucks when you then have to wait and watch for the next swell or wind to come in order to get on the water. The thing is though, there are so many things to do on the water that there is always a way of making the most of any conditions. This is what being a waterman is all about.

Stand Up Paddle boarding in particular has become a popular flatwater discipline and for lots of reasons. The physical effort involved in SUPing is fantastic, the constant need to balance, the core muscle engagement and the fat burning paddling make SUPing a healthy past time for all. This healthy side to SUP is being seen all over the world and most of all in magazines where A-list celebrities are using it to keep fit and look good.

Rihanna SUPing

Big name Celebs like Rihanna have really taken to the keep fit side of SUP.

Perhaps a little more serious is the racing side of SUP which is booming with popularity! Long streamlined boards capable of being paddled at great speeds and riding large ocean wind swell on downwind racing. Fantastic for overall body fitness the racing SUPers can cruise miles with relative ease and at a great pace. Perfect for those flat water days!

SUP Racing

SUP races are booming in popularity and the fitness benefits are through the roof! Ideally you want flat water too.

Kayaking takes a similar approach to the SUPing with easier going cruisers being perfect for those who want the health benefits without the seriousness of the racing background. From fishing to wave riding, the world of kayaks is massive and with the sit on top options and inflatables available there is definitely a kayak to suit everyone’s needs. Perfect for flatwater days, a kayak trip with a pal and some lunch can make what would be a lame day into an amazing trip along the coast!

Kayak trip

Going for a tour of the coast in your kayak is a great way to swap the flatwater blues for big smiles!

This is what Oxbow are trying to get across with their waterman concept. It doesn’t matter what discipline you prefer, if you’re a surfer or kitesurfer, a sailor or canoeist, use whatever equipment you can to make the most of everyday on the water! Boylos has a great range of Oxbow clothing (we’re particular fans of their Surf T-shirts) that promotes the waterman lifestyle perfectly. If you’re after the clothing to suit the lifestyle or the equipment to live it to the full, we’ve got an epic range of waterman products for you to choose from. See you on the water!

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