GoPro Silver Series Initial Review

Here at Boylo’s we just received the new GoPro Silver Series Hero3 Camera. Over the summer we had the GoPro2 and were really impressed with the quality and versatility of the camera. To be honest we were pretty surprised to hear that there was a new GoPro3 to hit the market. The GoPro2 seemed by far the most superior camera on the market but now having seen the new GoPro Silver Series Hero3 we can see why GoPro were keen to bring it out.

The new GoPro Silver series is noticeably thinner. In our opinion this is the biggest change between this model and the GoPro2. It’s also a lot lighter meaning that the swing on the camera is massively reduced. This may not be too important to the helmet mount options but if you are using some of the pole mounts then the reduced weight will make a big difference. Combined the reduced weight and size makes for a much more compact and user friendly camera.

Another nice upgrade on the camera is the locking mechanism. The new GoPro Silver edition boast a similar closure but wit the addition of a safety catch to stop it from opening. This means it is a lot less likely to pop open during use, hugely beneficial if using in water. We haven’t used this mechanism other then in the store so we will have to hold back on our full, in use, judgement.

One massive improvement with the GoPro Silver series is the lens system. Around the lens is the black plastic housing, this subtle addition cunningly protects the lens on the Hero3 and should make it a lot harder to scratch. We know from the Hero2 how easy it was to scratch the lens. Hopefully the new design on the GoPro Silver edition will prevent this.

Of course one of the biggest upgrade the GoPro Silver Series has over the old Hero2 is the built in wifi bacpac. This we have not used yet but we are very excited to do so. It means you can use your iphone to control it as well as easily plug in a remote. We reckon that this feature will open up areas of use that previously you wouldn’t have been able to access. Really cool idea and we can’t wait to try it.

In Short our first impressions of the GoPro Silver Series is very positive. We are yet to get the Black’s in but we will do the same review when we do. If you are after a Black series then drop us an email at and we’ll give you 15% off if you pre-order.

Our GoPro’s can be found by following this GoPro Silver series link. The GoPro Silver series retail for £279.95 but if you enter voucher code ‘GPSILVER’ at checkout you’ll qualify for 10% off. Good luck and hope you get some ripping footage!

GoPro Silver Hero3

GoPro Silver Edition Review


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