It’s Windy!

Today here in Lyme Regis we have some pretty good South winds. Not the best direction it has to be said but it is windy which is always welcome. So far this season we have had some good conditions but our trusted South West prevailing wind seems to have been a little in the lacking of late. More and more we appear to be getting West and South winds, neither of which are ideal.

This is echoed around the UK shores with a lot of water goers expressing their frustration with the recent weather. Whether or not this is a mind hing or a realty is up to peoples own judgement but one thing for sure is that we appear to be getting a different kind of weather to what we use to get.

Why we’re getting this sudden change in weather is anybodys guess. Obviously the scientists are pointing the finger towards global warming but maybe it is something else? What this could be is a shift in the gulf stream, pollution particles in the air, sun hotspots, cosmic rays…… Who knows!

I think it is a little hard to suggest that the change is solely down to one specific factor. A culmination of variables changing is surely going to have unpredictable consequences that none of us could judge or even understand. I see it like having a hungry lion, and tempting it with a chunk of beef and lamb at the same time. There’s no knowing which way it’s going to go. It’s similar to a low pressure going across the atlantic. Previously it’s carved out Atlantic gulf stream was a paved track, now a days that path appears to have a few smaller tracks going off it, with the low pressures fancying a change every now and again.

So what does this mean? Why are we bothered. Well it makes getting the right windsurfing equipment a nightmare! You don’t know whether you are going to need big, small, short long kit. Secondly it makes spot selection tricky. The wind seems to be coming from all different directions which means spot selection is trickier then ever. Time to crack the fuel card out and trek around!

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