Kayaking making a real stand….well, sit.

The world of watersports is booming. New sports, new disciplines, new styles, more extremes, the growth appears to be never ending. With all the sports changing so much there is one watersport that has held it’s form throughout. Kayaking is and has always been a watersport loved by all world wide. From the gentlest of paddles on a lake, to the charging white water rapids, Kayaking can easily appeal to anyone. The diversity and versatility of this sport ensures it’s popularity in the watersports world.

Kayaking has always been a very popular holiday activity. There is nothing more relaxing than taking your Kayak out on a calm day and simply paddling wherever you want. Sit on top Kayaks in particular have taken the leisure side of kayaking by storm. No need for the skirts, easy to get in and out of and of course if you capsize, your kayak doesn’t fill with water. Many people find that the sit on top Kayaks make for the most enjoyable kayaking experience. There ease of use is perfect for those that are new to the sport and the unsinkable nature of sit on tops gives a lot of people the confidence to enjoy the kayaking to the full.

Sit on Top Kayak

Sit on top Kayaks are taking the leisure kayaking world by storm. Easy to use, fun and safe.

For the more serious or more experienced kayakers of the world though, sitting inside your kayak is the only real way to get good performance. Long distance kayaks and sea kayaks are almost always sit in kayaks with a spray deck. It helps to give the kayaker a better connection with their vessel and provides you with a better feeling of control. Essential when doing more serious kayaking. Long distance Kayaking is a fantastic sport. Making the very most of calm days you can spend an entire day on the water seeing the coast or paddling the length of a river or lake. It can be a very humbling and relaxing experience, especially if you venture by yourself.

Long Distance Kayak

Long Distance or Sea Kayaks open up the possibility of long journeys across varying water states. A clear calm day can be perfect for your own kayaking adventure.

For the more adrenaline seeking Kayakers in the world. The calm, steady paced journeys of long distance kayaks just don’t do it. For a more exciting ride, these kayakers look to the white water. An amazing spectacle, white water kayaking is constantly pushing the limits of just how furious a river we can pass through. Using much shorter more agile kayaks, the kayakers paddle and steer their way down charging rivers, risking a lot more than a broken kayak! Not for the faint hearted, white water kayaking is one of the most technical and dangerous extreme sports on the planet! Obviously the levels of danger and excitement vary depending on the ferocity of the water. Either way, dropping down a waterfall in a kayak would certainly give you quite a buzz!

White Water Kayaking

White Water Kayaking is one of the most testing watersports on the planet!

For those wave lovers of you out there, kayaking has that covered to. Wave Ski’s are becoming ever more popular and the manoeuvres possible in modern wave ski’s are simply mind blowing! The extra paddle power allows the riders to get onto waves early and the wave ski’s keep the speed so well that arial tricks are now a common part of wave riding, insane!

Wave Ski

Wave Ski’s are taking the wave riding side of kayaking to a whole new level!

So there you have it, one of the longest serving and deeply rewarding watersports, kayaking has still got tonnes of appeal for each and everyone of us no matter what our experience or ambition. At Boylos we love kayaking. It’s such a great way of getting out on the water and can be enjoyed by all. It fits in perfectly with the ‘waterman’ lifestyle as on flat calm days when other watersports aren’t much fun, kayaking along the coast is perfect. We have plenty of sit on top kayaks and accessories in stock, so if you have any questions then please feel free to get in touch with one of our Boylos team members. See you on the water!

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