Life can be a real beach!

The lifestyle of watersports enthusiasts is renowned for being a laid back affair. Chilling on sandy beaches and enjoying the sunshine. What’s incredible though is that this naive view on the cilled out, laid back nature of watersports enthusiasts and the sports they love is completely and utterly…right! Sure there are those that take a bit of the fun out of life but those people are present in all walks of life. The true mentality of watersports has to be a relaxed one as to be honest, we have no control over the sports we love. Getting too worked up about things would just make you stressed.


There’s no point stressing out over watersports, it’s best to just relax and go with it.

For all watersports, one thing is a constant and that is how much we depend on nature to provide our playing field. It doesn’t matter what watersport you do, at some point nature will simply not play ball. Windsurfers won’t have enough wind, surfers won’t have any waves, distance kayakers won’t have flat water. This gap in usable conditions is seen in each and every watersport all over the world, at some point nature says “just chill”. There’s nothing you can do, if you get worked up and angry about the lack of waves on the ocean it doesn’t make them arrive any faster, you can’t tell exactly when the next session is going to come, so you just have to relax.

This is where the relaxed mentality comes into watersports. For all the adrenaline of the activities, the down time teaches you to have patience and control your emotions, why get worked up?

From this chilled out mentality comes the watersports image. The relaxed fit clothing, baggy T’s and board shorts, a pair of flip flops on your feet (if anything). Growing your hair long and probably not shaving enough. The beach bum image was born from the waiting periods in watersports. The realisation that you have no control of the nature on which your sport depends and that it doesn’t matter!

Surf Bum

The ‘surf bum’ image has evolved from this super chilled out mindset that watersports lovers have to adopt to get through the lulls

Over the years we have tried to develop ideas to help us in these chill out periods, comfier flip flops, on land toys, wind machines. But one company have really taken the beach bum attitude to a new level, a company called ‘beach bum’. The makers of the greatest chill out product ever, the beach bum bean bag. A large, durable comfy bean bag that can be shaped and moulded into whatever shape you want to make never ending chill out options! A sun lounger, a couch, an armchair, it’s all possible with the beach bum bean bags and we LOVE them! In an amazing array of colours and with the never ending relaxing possibilities they are by far and a way the greatest watersports chill out item we’ve seen. We’ve got the full range of BeachBum Bean Bags available on the website and they are yours to pick and choose from. Life can be a real beach so make the most of it. See you on the water!

Beach bum

The Beachbum bean bags making chilling out between sessions a real joy.

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