Living the dream just you and your Surf T-Shirts

Every now and again the mind drifts away and you think about packing your bag with your favorite boardies and Surf T-Shirts, and see what’s going on at a different beach.

Being Devon born and bred we’re often spoilt with nice beaches, waves and wind so it’s not until you leave the nest and realise that there are other places. My world was open up, like man, during my gap year. I was fortunate enough to leave the UK with my favourite Surf T-Shirts and live the dream, if only for a year.

What struck me the most is how we consider western countries to be the same. I worked in Greece which is considered a western nation. So imagine my shock to be woken up by local fisherman throwing homemade dynamite sticks into the sea. I asked the locals and the idea is that the explosion sends the fish into some kind of trance and they float to the top ready for netting… I wonder what would happen if this was to occur in the UK? Another behavior that i found strange was their massive military presence and constant muscle display to the Turkish over the border. This war I thought was well and truly over, apparently the grazes still sting.

Interestingly when all the tourists arrive armed in their Surf T-Shirts and shorts the dynamite goes away, military goes discrete and you’d be none the wiser. Pretty strange when you think it’s visited by millions of tourists a year and no one really knows this exists during the three months off peak season.

I think it’s well worth packing your Surf T-Shirts and heading off to a country that maybe you wouldn’t normally visit. Here in Europe we’re super lucky, in an hour we can be in a different country with a different culture. You can submerse, enjoy and understand so many interesting places. In fact I think it’s time to pack my Surf T-Shirts and go somewhere new.

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