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There used to be a time when being a watersports enthusiast meant sacrificing a few luxury comforts in order to get the best of the water. Surfaris, river kayak tours, windsurfing trips, all things ambitious took tonnes of planning and tonnes of kit, plus you normally ended up sacrificing creature comforts for the experience you were after. Fortunately nowadays, there have been many people who have gone on their own surfari’s and kayak adventures, etc and have come up with ingenious ideas for products to make a life of watersports easier. Let us show you what we’re on about.

Surf Trip

A life in watersport can be amazing and with the vast range of lifestyle products on offer it can be very easy too!

When off on a road trip, searching for some surf for instance, it can be a real bugger to know what to do with your keys when you are ready to get wet. The knowledge and experience of this problem from past surf travelers has provided us with a few solutions. Some wetsuit manufacturers who have acknowledged this problem have come up with a small pouch to go on the leg of a wetsuit and a loop inside the pouch to connect the car key to and simply take it with you when you surf! This is great if you simply have a regular car key, but what about those who have worked hard to get themselves a nice new car that comes with an electric key? You can’t take that in your wetsuit! Another superb solution was thought of, again by experienced travellers; the Keypod is essentially a locking safe that attaches to your car and has a numbered combination lock to secure your keys, electric or not, whilst you enjoy a good session on the water.

Keypod 5g

The Keypod 5G is a perfect bit of equipment for any watersports enthusiast going on a trip and needing somewhere safe to put there keys whilst they enjoy the water!

So your keys are safe and you can enter the water and have a cracking session. But what if you wanted to take some stuff with you? Like some lunch? Or some money? Or an iPad? Yep that’s right an iPad, if your going kayaking down a river why not take an iPad? There have been tonnes of companies now who have acknowledged the fact that quite often water limits us on what we can take with us. Fortunately, these companies have come up with numerous products for keeping these items dry and safe when we go on the water. Products like this Overboard iPad case keeps your ipad protected but also usable! How cool would it be to be kayaking down a river, get hungry and use your 4G to find the nearest cafe on the river and see what they have on the menu!?!? Very cool!


Why should the water stop you? Companies like Overboard make waterproof solutions for everything from iPads to sandwhiches!

So you’ve had a great session on the water and used your waterproof iPad case to help you navigate home, opened up your keypod 5g to find your electric car key perfectly safe and fine. Now all you have to do is get changed and go home. Thing is though the ground is sandy and pebbly and the air is a little cold. Once again, you’re not the first person to find yourself in this position and thankfully some of those who have been there before have decided to make products to make life easier. First of all you need something to change on, Northcore changing mats not only give a waterproof more comfortable and clean place to get changed on but they also double up as a fully waterproof wetsuit bag too meaning your nice clean car won’t get wet or smell. Fantastic! But you’re still a little cold, what you need is a changing robe. Changing robes are made by Northcore too and allow you to slip the top half of your wetsuit off and immediately chuck a warm layer over yourself whilst still having the freedom to carry on getting changed! Perfect! Also you don’t have to worry about fumbling around with a towel trying to keep the towel up as your wetsuit goes down!

Northcore Changing Mat

The Northcore changing Mat and changing robe, mean you can get changed off the floor, keep your wet stuff away from the car and stay warm. Ideal!

There are tonnes of items now in production that are purely designed to make a life of watersports easier and more comfortable. All of the above and many more are available with us here at Boylos in our Van, Car and Traveling Accessories collection. Make your life easier and enjoy watersports more! See you on the water!


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