Making the most of the waves, wherever you are!

If I were to ask you for a list of surf locations you absolutely had to surf in this lifetime, where would your list begin? Hawaii, California, Australia, Indonesia? I bet your list wouldn’t start in Holland. But for the local residents of Scheveningen on the west coast of the Netherlands, that is exactly where the list starts, and why not?

We all dream of those perfect, gently peeling, bluey green, exotic waves. The thing is though, a lot of those ‘perfect’ waves are actually enormous man eating bombs that explode violently over some kind of sharp, scary reef covered by 3 inches of water and littered with spiky sea urchins! Whereas your local home break, like Scheveningen, albeit a beach break which isn’t that powerful, doesn’t barrel often (if ever), and is freezing cold could possibly be your soul mate of surf spots. Not too scary, very little consequence and right on your doorstep!

I sometimes feel like surf mags and films fill our heads so much with sights and stories of far away places and mystical breaking waves that supposedly are SO much better than anything you will ever see back home, that we start to believe it. But who are we kidding? I’m certainly no pro surfer with the ability to master these huge peeling waves, meaning I would probably get thrown around like a rag doll across that scary reef! However, I am skilled enough to grab my long board, jump in at the local break and have a chat with familiar faces whilst having a great time catching rides. Later over a brew, these will turn out to have been 8ft perfectly peeling waves that went all bluey green like Indo when I was getting barrelled (no judgements please).

If you understand where I am coming from then take my advice. Grab your winter wetsuit, grab your old reliable, and go surf your local break like it’s going out of fashion – you might even surprise yourself over how much fun those waves can be.

Remember the best surfer in the world is the fella having the most fun.

The pier break, Scheveningen, Netherlands.


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