New Years resolutions for the water.

Today is the first test of all of our New Years resolutions, meaning the chocolate, cigarettes and alcohol are all going to be testing us to the very limit of self control for the first time this year. Thing is though, New Years resolutions seem to be exactly the same every year. A simple list of common resolutions repeats itself in patterns each year, right across the globe. Lose weight, quit smoking, drink less, no chocolate, be healthy, get a good job, etc. and this is all well and good but if we are honest with ourselves they are pretty dull resolutions that don’t fill you with much motivation.

The answer in our eyes is not to limit or get rid of the stuff you already enjoy, instead give yourself positive resolutions about something else you enjoy, in our cases, water sports! Rather than saying; I won’t have this, I won’t do that. Why don’t you say; I will have this, I am gonna do that? An example of these positive water sports resolutions is: I am going to land a forward loop when windsurfing this year, or, I will have a new surf board by the end of this year.

The positive and exciting nature of these watersports resolutions is enough to give all of us the motivation we need to achieve them. Also by actively trying to push these positive resolutions you will be cutting down on the amount of time you have on land to smoke, drink, or eat chocolate. You just won’t realise it. If you’re out on the water everyday trying to perfect your forward loops for windsurfing, you’re not going to have the time or mind space to be eating, drinking or smoking too much. You’ve just wiped out the first half of the usual boring resolution list with one watersports resolution!

Forward loop

Nailing a new move or technique such as the elusive forward loop for windsurfing could be the ticket you need to tick off a whole bunch of the usual boring resolutions.

To take out the second part why not treat yourself? I will get a new surfboard this year. Don’t settle for anything less than the best either. With all the carbon fiber, bamboo and construction and design developments in surfing, some surfboards can cost a real bomb, but who cares? Aim for the board of your dreams, save the money and give yourself your absolute perfect wave riding companion. By doing this you are gonna have to try and save yourself some money. You won’t be able to afford £15 3 times a week just for a few pints, or the extortionate costs of cigarettes. You may even feel like you need to get a promotion or a better job in order to get the money you need for that dream board. There’s the second half of the boring resolution list sorted.

Meyerhoffer surfboard

Aim high for the best most expensive and most out there surfboard, the one you just can’t stop thinking about! This will tear you through the old boring list of resolutions without you even noticing just how much you are achieving!

So you see, with two positive, epic water sports resolutions, you can scratch off the entire boring usual New Years resolutions without even noticing what you’re doing. IF you still feel you need some more motivation then give it to yourself. In watersports this is a great thing to do, as it means watching hours of windsurfing films, loop after loop, until you are so fired up for your own forward loop it’s all you can think about. Or getting a picture of your dream surfboard on the wall so that it is there everytime you look up. Simple things like a fresh batch of Surf T-shirts could do the trick as well, rewarding yourself for using your money wisely, and getting you in the mood for working hard, either at work or on the water!

Whatever your resolutions this year, water sports have the answer to your success; forget them! Replace the resolutions you’re dreading for new ones that you can’t wait to achieve. We wish you all the best of luck and success this year! See you on the water!

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