Old school new blood, the up and coming brands in surf.

Surfing always had their well known brands and with such a huge emphasis on what riders are with what brands, the label on your clothes has never been so important. The thing is though, with things always being the same and a few of the brands being seen everywhere you look, it’s awesome to see a few less viral brands making head way. The point of having surf fashion is to show you love to surf, but also show a bit of your individuality. With everyone wearing the same brands where the hell has the surf individuality run off to?

You see the problem, with everyone wearing Surf T-shirts covered in the same logo’s and designs the surfing world is actually looking a little dull. Luckily for all of us there are plenty of new and old brands that are a bit less conspicuous and therefore hold more individuality, which is cool!

Many people are starting to look away from the few huge name brands for their clothing. Imagine it like supermarkets, you’ve got Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s who are all giant names, but it is all a bit the same in all of them. Similar deals, similar products, similar images. The new and old brands we are thinking of may be your Waitrose, or your local butcher, smaller on scale but quite often with more appealing products AND you’re not part of the crowd.

The same scenario is happening for surf. You’ve got your Ripcurl, Billabong and Quiksilver being worn by anyone and everyone and to be fair it’s a little samey. Your new names though, the likes of Rapanui, Muzzdawg and Old Guy’s rule offer a fresh look into the surfing world and with plenty of new ideas and designs. Your Waitrose surf brands are your Oxbow products, perhaps not worn by as many as the slightly bigger names, Oxbow has been in the industry for just as long and has some of the best riders in a variety of water sports in it’s team. Renowned for it’s quality products, Oxbow provides a high quality, more refined range of clothes ideal for someone who wants to some epic clothing and doesn’t want to be so mainstream.

Oxbow Riders

Oxbow are an epic brand with heritage and some of the worlds best athletes on board, some how though they manage to keep their quality and their individualism without going too mainstream.

Being an individual is what makes surfing cool. It is all part of the image and lifestyle. Long scraggly hair, different clothes, a no worries attitude, the surf culture is about being seperate from the mainstream lifestyles. But with the industry growing so big, surfing has developed it’s own mainstream image. The brands we’ve named help you get back to how surfing should be, individual, different and really, really good!

Something as simple as a good looking Oxbow Surf T-shirt with a large logo, shows your knowledge of the surfing world. you’ve picked a quality brand, making quality products and you’ve not resorted to the same old brand names as all the tunnel visioned mainstreamers. There are so many great brands with so many great products that it pays off to wander away from the main road and explore the smaller side streets of the surfing industry. Why not check out a few new brands and surprise yourself with whats actually on offer in the Surf Fashion market. Happy Surfing and shopping!

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