On the edge of winter.

It’s the start of march and the first real time that we can all start looking forward to life outside of winter. Sure the water is still fresh but from now (fingers crossed) the weather will start to improve, warmer longer days with more time for watersports. Now is a time to reflect on what this awesome british winter has given us and look forward to what the spring and summer can bring. The winter has given us swells, winds, waves and the occasional bit of sunshine to play in, what a good winter it has been.

Winter Sun

Our winter may have been cold but there were many beautiful winter days and even more winter waves!

One of the biggest things that our British winters give us as watermen is the enhanced conditions. The chances of having stormy winds, massive waves and quiet waters are never greater than in the height of the winter. If you’re willing to don a Winter Wetsuit then you can score some of the best conditions that our great isles have to offer! One group of professional windsurfers are notorious for looking for the biggest and scariest of british conditions.

The Red Bull storm chasers this winter, demonstrated just how ferocious the oceans can get through our winter and just how far human beings can push them selves. Watersports, like all extreme sports are constantly having their limits pushed by new generations of athletes and the storm chasers have blown minds when they took to the water in Ireland. 70Knotts+ greeted them on the shores and huge mast high waves crashed towards them as the ocean showed us just what it is capable of when in a strop! Needless to say the display from the worlds finest was testament to the conditions we can get in our winter months.

Red Bull storm chase

Dany Bruch flying HIGH over the torent of huge waves and charging winds! This is what the british winter is all about!

So our stormy, wavy season is passing. Does this mean that watersports won’t be so good? Absolutely not! With spring upon us, the chances of getting winter esque water conditions are still there but with the bonus of (hopefully) some spring sunshine! Crisp blue spring skies and cold, clear water rippled with the waves tailing off our winter, this is what spring is all about. With the light increasing you can start looking forward to getting on the water before and after the working day too! Mind you, you better not pack the Winter Wetsuit away just yet. The waters in our early spring days are actually at their coldest, so getting yourself a good Winter Wetsuit is essential to make the most of the water. Luckily we’ve got plenty in stock so take your pick!

Like us we hope you are looking forward to the spring and what sessions it may bring. See you on the water!


Long Spring and Summer evenings are on their way. Making the most of the water has never been easier. Bring it on!


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