Oxbow team rider Kai Lenny lighting the way.

Oxbow are an epic brand in watersports, asides from their high quality clothes and other fashion products, their team of riders from kitesurfing to snowboarding are some of the best and most explorative athletes on the planet. Oxbow put a lot of time, effort and funding into their team projects and are always exploring new places in the endless task of finding the perfect watersports conditions. One of the Oxbow projects is their MASSIVE push on the waterman experience. The concept of not being ‘a surfer’, ‘a windsurfer’, ‘a kitesurfer’, but instead being able to pick and choose between as many water based activities as possible, allowing you to use the water no matter what the conditions. This is where Kai Lenny really shines, as despite his young age he is considered one of the worlds very best watermen.

The SUP world champion both in the waves and in the racing, Kai Lenny has pushed the up and coming sport very much into the lime light. His fearless approach and fresh, youthful mindset make him a joy to watch when on his paddle board. Kai’s enthusiasm for the SUP’s has inspired many athlete’s to take the sport more seriously and has boosted the growth of the sport tremendously! Whether working on airs on smaller waves or charging Jaws, Kai’s SUP skills are hard to match and he is quickly opening people’s minds to what could actually be achieved on a SUP and where the boundaries really do lie.

Kai Lenny SUP

World champ in both wave and race, Kai is pushing SUP to new limits.

Being a waterman though Kai Lenny’s skills don’t stop with the SUP’s, when the conditions call for it, Kai is a professional windsurfer and regularly trains for and competes in the PWA tour. When not training or competing, Kai can be seen featuring in the latest windsurfing movies and videos with all the worlds best sailors. His raw, natural style is great to watch and Kai, thanks to sailing with the best windsurfers on the planet, has developed an enviable amount of style and a good roster of tricks to use in his wave sailing. One of the youngest ever competitors on the PWA Kai kicked into competition early with the ambition of being world champion, that drive for the title is still there and stronger than ever! Kai is quoted on the Oxbow movies saying his aim is to be a world champion in all of his watersports disciplines!

Kai Lenny Windsurfing

A strong competitor in the PWA Kai’s windsurfing is a combination of style and raw talent.

At the very forefront of watersports, Kai Lenny is pushing the SUPing world hard. On top of this Kai also plays a big role in the popularity of kitesurfing. His love of all the watersports coupled with his undeniable skill in all of them, makes him a great ambassador for watersports as a general. Kai features in a video on the Oxbow website called 4 in 1, during which he SUP’s, surfs, Kitesurfs and windsurfs one of the best swells to hit Maui in years and all in one day! Kitesurfing’s popularity is growing faster than ever and Kai Lenny is certainly doing his part as a waterman to promote it!

Kai Lenny Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing has been a big part of Kai’s water life for years and his passion for the sport is helping to feed the growth of this epic sport!

A true lover of wave riding, Kai knows and adores the heritage of all of his wave riding sports. The oldest of all wave riding techniques, Kai is a superb surfer and could quite easily compete in professional competitions. At the moment however he seems to be focusing competition on his SUP and Windsurfing disciplines. Surfing is a purists sport and Kai says he takes everything he learns when surfing and applies it to all the other disciplines in his waterman lifestyle. This is what being a waterman is all about, doing as many watersports as you can so that you are on the water as much as possible and then use what you learn in each sport to compliment the others.

Kai Lenny Surfing

Wave riding at it’s purist, Kai is a fantastic surfer and his surfing style feeds into all of his other disciplines.

Oxbow have certainly landed themselves a talisman of a team rider in Kai Lenny and he is set to become a legend of all watersports in the future. A massive fan of the Oxbow clothing and products, Kai actively promotes the brand and his passion and love of water and all of the sports and activities possible with it suits the Oxbow mentality perfectly.

Oxbow T-shirts

Oxbow and Kai Lenny suit each other to the T!

From Surf T-shirts to rash vests the Oxbow range has all the apparel you will need and want as a passionate waterman. The brand and it’s riders are heading in a great direction with the watermen concept and it is exciting to wait and see where their exploration team will take us next. Happy surfing!

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