Peahi Fires Yesterday!

Some countries have no waves, some nice waves and some places are gifted with great waves! Maui, in the middle of the Pacific ocean, is one of those places that is lucky enough to get truly epic waves. Yesterday, October the 9th, was one day that the most famous big waves shone out and produced a wave that most of us can only dream about surfing.

Riders from all over turned up to Peahi to see a windless face and clean breaking wave. What’s pretty remarkable is on the 9th of July there were few surfers towing in. Riding long big wave guns the guys were paddling into Peahi taking the drop of dreams and being rewarded with epic rides and huge barrels.This is a real contrast to 10 years ago when this wave was only surfable by the elite, and being towed in with jet skis.

Maui resident photographer Jimmie Hepp was on hand to snap up a few pics from the session. Of course there was one man mad enough to Stan Up Paddle the break, it was none other then the king Robby Naish. Check the pic below of the man himself in action.

Robby Naish Stand Up Paddle Surfing Jaws


Above Peahi were an audience of ‘dudes’ in the latest mens surf wear watching astounded at the athleticism of the display. We have attached a couple more pics from Jimmies lens.

October the 9th Peahi breaking

Going left at the epic wave of Peahi



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