Red Bull Storm chase get’s the green light!

Recently the UK has been blessed with some fantastic forecasts. Big swells, strong winds and even the odd bit of sunshine. One forecast in particular has got the windsurfing world standing up in awe! The coming low pressure system on route to hit Ireland on Sunday the 27th of January is absolutely huge! This enormous forecast is exactly what the Red Bull Storm Chase team have been waiting for.

Ireland Forecast 27/01/2013

This massive low pressure is possibly going to be the perfect storm for the most insane sports event on the planet!

Now obviously this is not the kind of forecast we are all looking for, but for the organisers and competitors of the Red Bull Storm Chase, the charts have never looked better! The huge low pressure is bringing massive swell (shown above) and with it enormous winds. Combined these factors contribute towards making some of the most terrifying windsurfing conditions on the planet!

Red Bull storm chase

These are the conditions competitors can expect in the most ferocious show on earth

The idea behind the storm chase is to get a selection of the very best windsurfers in the world and then wait for the biggest storms mother nature can produce in the hope that most of them will make it to the spot for an insane competition, which is as much against nature as it is against their opponents! Easy then.

The competition has been on hold for months though due to the lack of serious forecasts. Lots of patience and concentration has finally paid off though and we are now only awaiting the final call tomorrow at mid day. As this is almost 100% going to be the ‘go ahead’ everyone is waiting for, the riders, teams and organisers are already packing their gear and preparing themselves for an incredible competition.

Obviously all of the competitors know what they are in for and have competed in some extreme conditions before, only perhaps not quite so extreme! It will be a test of the riders abilities as well as their mental focus and bravery. Not to mention their windsurfing equipment which needs to withstand some of the most violent conditions possible! Manufacturers really have their work cut out for them trying to produce windsurfing equipment capable of performing as well as possible for the athletes and also withstanding the punishment of the huge winds and massive waves.

Wherever you are it is worth keeping an eye on the red bull storm chase website or on our boylos facebook page for all the latest news on what unfolds in Ireland.


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