Save the Portland Coast Guard Helicopter!

Here in Lyme Regis we are lucky enough to have the safety provided by both the RNLI and the coast guard helicopter. Of course we don’t hit the water thinking ‘it’ll be ok’ but it is in the back of your mind that should something unfortunate happen someone will be there to help you out of a sticky spot.

Regularly we see, from our shop, the coastguard helicopter being tasked to situations and training in the area. Some of our guys here have experienced the value of the coastguard helicopter first hand when they’re been caught in a situation. Others know of some people whos lives would have been lost had it not been for the helicopter.

So what are the government planning on doing? Yep, you guessed it they want to cut it as a cost saving exercise! Mind blowing to any of us that live near the sea, or understand the importance of this service.

The question that has to be asked by the government is ‘how much is a life worth’. I’d ask the guys making this decision to put themselves out to sea in a sinking boat knowing that they’re going to drown because the coastguard helicopter isn’t there due to cost savings… I am pretty sure that they would have a slightly different opinion of their actions if this was the case.

So what can we as tax payers do to save the coastguard helicopters? Luckily the topic has some backing by local Mp’s Drax and Letwin. MP Richard Drax in particular seems to have got behind the public opinion and set up an online petition. The hope is that this petition will collect enough signatories to force government to have another look at the matter.

As a shop we have had a petition on the counter. Public opinion has been pretty obvious and not one person has agreed with the closure.

So next time your putting on your favourite Surf T-Shirts bear it in mind that unless you back this petition the coast guard helicopter may not be there to save your bacon!

Portland Coastguard Helicopter

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