Short and fat is the way forward.

In the last couple of years there has been a general trend in all watersports and many other extreme sports too, minimalism. Boards, Sails, paddles everything is getting stripped to the bear minimum and there is an obvious trend throughout, short and fat and fast. Surfboards in particular are starting to get extreme, insane shapes with no length, plenty of width and a pure speed design and it’s working! From pro’s to amateurs people are ripping on little fat and fast boards!

Ectic Concepts

Short, fat and fast! Surfboards are starting to lead the way into the next generation of board shaping.

The benefits of this stocky profile are mainly to be seen once up and riding. The wide, fast bottom shape gives these boards amazing acceleration and top speed, plus with the lack of length you have less board to turn around and therefore the short, fat shapes are really manoeuvrable.

Many other sports are taking this approach too and it’s not just the boards that are getting this compact designing trend.

Windsurfing sails and boards are both following suit with shorter lengths wider and more compact outlines being seen through every discipline. It started in the waves, 4 batten compact outline ‘radical’ designs, made to give the rider the upmost power and speed from the smallest shapes and be extremely manoeuvrable for new school riding styles. Sails like the Simmer Blacktip show just what we are talking about. A short luff, wider boom and powerful, compact outline are perfect for hardcore wave sailing and new school moves.

Simmer Blacktip

The Simmer Blacktip is one of the best new school, compact wave sails on the market!

Some of the boards are starting to take the surfing shape initiative too, with short wide early planing wave boards being developed. The starboard Black box was the first real production model and is taking the world of windsurf board designers for a lesson. Looking at it you can really see the surf inspired outline.

Black Box

The Starboard Black Box is the first of what will almost certainly be the latest trend in windsurfing board design.

Even in the world of stand up paddle boards where stability is so key, the wave boards are taking the same compact powerful approach to design. Lacking as much length as they dare, and keeping lots of width and thickness with fast hulls, the modern wave SUP’s are properly radical. The new school thinking in board design is going hand in hand with new school riders and riding styles. The likes of Kai Lenny, the Oxbow superstar and other SWT pro riders are even starting to try AIRS on their SUP’s!!! Absolutely insane!

Kai Lenny

Oxbow rider Kai Lenny is leading the way in new school SUP riding on the new school shapes. Getting air on a SUP! Ridiculous!

The more you look into it the more that it becomes obvious that all the watersports are adopting the same style. Keep things compact, minimalistic and high performance! We don’t know about you but we are really looking forward to the future of watersports, when will the limits be reached!?! If there are any! See you on the water.

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