SUP, the fastest growing sport on the water!

Stand up paddle boarding or SUP, is really taking the watersports world by storm at the moment. Whether in the waves or on flatwater racing, the competitive and professional side of SUP is booming, with new talents and fresh styles pushing the experience and the limits everyday! From a leisure point of view, SUP is doing even better! Shops and schools are making it easier and easier to try the sport and get involved and with the simplicity of the sport and the massive enjoyment that participation gives, the demand for SUP is huge!

It’s easy to see why SUP is doing so well world wide. It’s a very easy sport to pick up and start. You simply balance on a big stable beginner board and paddle yourself around, that’s it! Don’t let the humble beginnings fool you though as SUPing is fast becoming one of the best high performance watersports in the world. An easy start and the endless scale of growth makes buying a SUP a very sensible investment. No yearly fees, or memberships, just the initial cost of the board and paddle, which compared to some other, more equipment dependant sports, is very affordable. Plus with such good ‘all round’ SUP’s available you can get away with buying one board for the entire family!

SUP for all

SUP appeals to all levels of riders, ideal for families.

SUPing is one of the least weather dependant watersports out there too. Flat calm days are perfect for cruising or racing, wavy stormy days are perfect for wave surfing. With a single all round SUP you can almost go into the water in ANY weather conditions and have fun. This eliminates the days where you have nothing to do or sit, staring at forecasts to workout where to go, SUPing can work anywhere.

When first introduced, some people saw SUPing as something to do when conditions weren’t good enough for anything else. Now though the high performance end of SUPing is making those initial views look extremely premature. SUP’s are being used to charge some of the biggest wave spots on the planet and with the massive technological developments the smaller wave SUP’s are now being used to perform surf-style airs! The beauty of wave riding on a SUP is that using the paddle and being stood up already allows you to catch the wave a lot earlier than when surfing and gives you plenty of time to read the wave face as you take the drop. Plus if the wave dies off or has a flat section, the SUP is unbeatable in getting over it using the paddle and back onto the reformed wave, making it perfect for all coasts and locations as you can handle even the most fickle of spots.

SUP in fickle surf

SUP’s are amazing at making the most of less than perfect waves, with the extra drive and the paddle you can literally RIP when surfing just isn’t possible!

Racing on SUP’s is growing just as fast if not faster than the wave riding scene. Massive health and fitness benefits, the low racing costs, great social side and the exciting atmosphere that only comes from being part of a new and fast growing sport. Long, streamlined boards are used making cutting through the water at speed easy and efficient. It’s a great feeling to be part of something competitive and SUPing is a very enjoyable and simple way to do it.

SUP race

SUP racing is booming in popularity! and with good reason.

We’ve got a great range of Stand Up Paddle boards and accessories at Boylos. Everything you need to get started in this epic sport and start enjoying any and every day on the water!

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