What is it that makes surf fashion so damn cool?

Since surfing’s invention way back when, the image of surfing has been a cool, often sought after one. The golden skin, blonde highlights in the hair, flip-flops, shorts and Surf T-shirts. We all wish we could have the same look because really we all want the lifestyle! Living on the beach, surfing the best waves you can and not really having any worries in the world. That’s we imagine when we think of a surfer and that chilled out relaxed lifestyle is what feeds into the surf fashion we buy.

Greg Noll

The heritage of surfing, that chilled out, no worries attitude. Minimalism swamped the early surfing image, all you needed was a board and some shorts the rest would just ‘work out’.

Surfing is one of the most eco friendly sports on the planet. Once you have a board you are done with planetary damage and with boards able to be built out of wood even the manufacturing doesn’t have to be planet affecting. With the global environment as it is today, eco-friendly lifestyles are becoming the ‘in’ fashion. Surfing has this dialed and because surfers are so reliant on the ocean there are many surf companies set up to protect our delicate eco-system. This gives surfing a new cool and fresh style, making surfing cool both in heritage and in modern development.

Surfers against sewage

Surfer’s Against Sewage are just one of the many surfing environmental groups doing their bit to help our planet. Very cool.

It’s very easy to admire the surfing image. Live relaxed, help the environment, don’t be greedy, enjoy your life and most of all surf to the high heavens! The stereo typical surfing image is a very easy one to admire no matter what stage in surfing history you look at. Surf clothing manufacturers no this more than anyone and make some amazing clothing that represents what surfing is all about. Surf T-shirts like the one from Oxbow below will forever hold their ‘coolness’ due to their close link with the surfing image.

Oxbow Surf T-shirt

This Oxbow Surf T-shirt will never not be cool because of how well it encapsulates the chilled out, life long surfing lifestyle. No one ever grows out of surfing!

So there you have it. If you’re looking for clothing with that aviator like endless coolness, then you need to find yourself some surf clothing! Luckily Boylos has got loads on the website for you 😉 Happy surfing!


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