Surf T-shirts for Urban Surfers, shred the streets like they’re liquid.

Surfing is a water sport. Fact. But surfing as a lifestyle doesn’t have to be. Longboard skateboarding is designed to bring surfing to the concrete. Big rail to rail carves, the opportunity to slide the tail out on a big turn. Longboards are feeling more and more like surfing. The riders also where the clothes to match! Surf T-shirts wherever you look, Boardshorts and in some cases flip flops!

So if you thought Surf T-shirts, Boardies and Flip flops were only for the beach, think again. Wearing your Surf T-shirt in the middle of a city has never been more cool. Granted, longboarding is it’s own sport, but one company in particular has embraced the Surf T-shirt lifestyle to it’s fullest. Carveboards are supposedly the closest thing to surfing or snowboarding, ever! As you can see below the way the board reacts to your rail to rail pressure is almost identical to a surfboard or snowboarding in deep powder!

Surf T-shirts for Urban surfers

Carveboard ‘surfing’ Get your Surf T-shirt on!

If you don’t believe this urban surfing hype, then check out the pic of an almost identical carve and carve technique in the actual surfing picture below.

Surf T-shirt for Surfers

A genuine Surfing Carve, practically identical. Grab your Surf T-shirt!

This new Urban Surfer lifestyle is very accessible and more and more realistic. Here at Boylo’s we love it! Why not create a surfer’s lifestyle image and feel in the middle of a city? Urban Surfing Groups are even popping up! Obviously the right carving longboard might set you back a little but it’s a one off payment, and way less than a surfboard! After that you just need the right Surf T-shirt to wear whilst your ‘surfing’ the streets! That’s where Boylo’s can definitely help. We have a great range of big branded Surf T-shirts in store for you and your Urban Surfing group to choose from. Get yourself kitted out with the latest Surf T-shirts, your favourite Urban Surf Stick and get out on those streets! Happy surfing!

Surf T-shirts, Urban Surfing

Surf T-shirts all round, Urban Surfing is taking off!

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