Surf T-shirts, buy the best, especially if money is tight!

We have all been there or still are there or have always been there, when money gets tight and the last thing you want to do is buy anything expensive. But is it necessarily the right choice to buy a lot more cheaper things? Or is it better to have a little of something you really want? At Boylos we think the latter. Not many of us are made of money and therefore how you spend it is important. In the realm of Surf T-shirts this is also the case.

Surf T-shirt prices can range from £1-£40 roughly. The lower end being your ‘bargain secondhand deals’ from the corner of a store or charity shop, and the higher end being the brand new, big brand, latest style Surf T-shirts from somewhere like Quiksilver. The thing is though quite often we only look at the extremes, why not find the right place in the middle. Not all new, branded Surf T-shirts cost an arm and a leg and the difference it will make to your day to have a nice one is well worth it.

Wearing nice clothes makes you feel nice, end of story. If you can get up in the morning and pull on the latest Surf T-shirt from your favourite brand then you are gonna feel good about it. Say that Surf T-shirt has set you back £30. Wouldn’t you prefer to have that one awesome Surf T-shirt, rather than 3 £10 secondhand Surf T-shirts that aren’t gonna have the same appeal to you? It’s human nature to want the best stuff. Newest, brightest, best, lightest, most stylish is all very high on our agenda. You can tick every box with some of the great Surf T-shirts on offer today.

We are not telling you to spend all your hard earned money on loads of top end stuff immediately, but why not save that hard earned money for when you can spend it on something really nice. Treat yourself, you’ve earned it! The latest Branded Surf T-shirts might not cost quite as much as you think. The Oxbow Nova Long Sleeved Surf T-shirt is the perfect example of what we are talking about.

Surf T-shirt Oxbow

The Oxbow Nova Long Sleeved Surf T-shirt is a real personal treat!

The Oxbow Nova has a MASSIVE brand name in Oxbow. Sponsoring the biggest and best names in almost every watersport and snow sport disciplines, Oxbow is a badge you feel good about wearing. This particular Surf T-shirt has a superb fit, beautiful materials and a wicked print. It oozes quality and that is what you should look for! Getting yourself a couple of Surf T-shirts like this will make a real impact on your self-asteem, but not on your wallet!

So take care of yourself, be proud of how you look and what you’re wearing; no matter what the economical climate is doing. Boylos has got epic top branded Surf T-shirts for great prices, making the concept a reality. Happy Surfing!

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