Surf T-shirts, classics or moderns?

As we have gradually explained in past posts Surf T-shirts are a sought after fashion item now. Whether its the regular Surf T-shirt wearing beach lovers such as your watersports enthusiasts, or the 9-5 office workers who save their time and money for that weekend away in the water or skating the city. Surf T-shirts are cool for both and all the people in between. But when you’re choosing a Surf T-shirt should you go for the classic style so that you hold some of the tradition? Or should you go as new school as possible and show just how modern surfing and surfers should be looking?

Of course this question will inevitably come down to your own personal preference. But just so that you don’t jump the gun, Boylo’s is going to explain both sides of the coin and give you a better understanding of what is cool.

Old vs. New, The right Surf T-shirt for you!

When buying, wearing and owning a Surf T-shirt you need to ensure that it is a top that suits your personality and your own association with surfing.

The classic style Surf T-shirt is a timeless piece of clothing, like aviators are for sunglasses. Getting the right classic tee will give you an item of clothing which will stay cool forever. This is especially the case if you can get yourself an old school branded Surf T-shirt from a brand that was all the rage but isn’t seen much anymore. Something like and old Hang Ten Surf T-shirt will get you endless respect in the surfing community and will also hold it’s image, or even get cooler as time goes on! Modern surf companies are also making their own classic Surf T-shirts with big brand names and easy on the eye designs. These tops are the right ones to purchase as they are going to hold their cool just like the old school classics.

Classic Surf T-shirt

Surf T-shirts like the classic Tee above from O’Shea are perfect if your looking for that timeless classic surfing style.

Look for a big printed logo, bold and simple design and a colourway that will make the top recognisable. With these ingredients your Surf T-shirt will be forever cool and so will you!

Moving onto the more modern Surf T-shirt designs it is important that you go big. By moving away from the ever popular classic Surf T-shirt design, you will need to get a top that makes a statement. Something cool enough to make people forget that classic surf image and switch to a newer fresher look.

Surf T-shirt. New School

A new school Surf T-shirt like the Oxbow Pascoc8 is perfect. With an awesome design that you will never find on any classic Surf T-shirt.

Going for a Surf T-shirt with a digi print is a great way to be certain you have got something that no classic Surf T-shirt will have. At Boylo’s we are massive fans of the digi print designs. We especially love the way that this T has got a load of cool pictures layered and arranged in a collage design. A real head turner and a bold enough design to make people look past the old surf image and into the new!

So there are our tips for wearing the best Surf T-shirts from either the old or the new school designs. Whether you want to be showing of your timeless classic, or your current time digi designs, there are Surf T-shirts for everyone.

At Boylo’s we have a great selection of both in store. Why not have a bit of both and make your mind up each day? We love our Surf T-shirts and only choose the best for the store. So take your pick and represent. Which is your favourite? New school or old school?

Happy surfing!

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