Surf T-shirts colours are the in style for winter and summer.

The 1980's are usually the years remembered for bright colours and 'funky' designs. 2012-2013 though, seems to be challenging that colourful title, with designs getting brighter and more extravagant. The modern professional surfer, or extreme sportsman/woman is commonly seen in the brightest pair of board shorts they can find, a super colourful Surf T-shirt and more often than not, an even brighter 'flat-cap'. Now this is of course a stereotype, but what's wrong with that?

In too many walks of life the fashion is safe neutral colours, don't turn heads, don't attract attention, just look neat. But where is the fun in that? Why not get home from work, take off the suit and tie and splash some colour into the world in your brightest Surf T-shirt! Stand out, turn heads and love it! Keep the designs and prints big and bold to really make your Surf T-shirt make an impact. Surf T-shirts like the Rapanui shirt below are perfect! Big, bold design, bright blue colour. Guaranteed to make people look.

Rapanui Surf T-shirt

Rapanui Surf T-shirt with bold lightning print. Dress to impress!

If bright colours and head turning designs aren't your normal style and you feel a little uncomfortable, my advise is; try it. Give it a go. Buy one bright, bold Surf T-shirt and wear it for a day. You'll feel great. Having people notice you for the epic Surf T-shirt your wearing is an awesome confidence builder and it'll make you think twice about returning to your usual 'safe' grey's, black's and white's.

If Bright Surf T-shirts are already your style then keep rockin that look. Brighter and brighter, bolder and bolder. Your turning heads, your feeling great and who can blame you. Bring on the 1980's! Boylos has got all the great Surf T-shirts to suit every person and every style, why not check out the range by following the link in this post? Happy Surfing!

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