Surf T-shirts for the little ones! Inspiring future stars.

Although many grown ups seem to forget it, we haveĀ all been grommets at some point. Without groms their would be no grown up superstars, no Kelly Slater’s, no Robby Naish’s. For some reason we seem to forget that we all went through that same stage. So why not do the right thing and get your little one living in their Surf T-shirt early, start as they mean to go on.

The general trend in all extreme sports at the moment is for super young, super talented kids to be mixing it with the vets! But what is it that inspires these kids to turn into the stars they become? Perhaps they are simply born into it. If your dad is Laird Hamilton, chances are you might spend quite some time wearing Surf T-shirts and getting in the water as a kid. If your dad is Tony Hawk, you could possibly be swapping Surf T-shirt for Skate top and go to a few skate parks. However, if your not born into a sport, or none of your family has done that sport, what inspires you?

This is where the Surf T-shirts come in.

Sometimes in life it is the little things that define us. Perhaps this Xmas if your child opened up their present and found a sick little Surf T-shirt with a cool surf picture on it, their mind might suddenly open to the concept of being a surfer. Obviously we’re not Mystic Meg and therefore can’t tell you what your kid will or won’t become. But, if you open up their eyes early to the thought of riding down the face of a wave, or a half pipe, or a snowy slope. Chances are their imagination will start building up their curiosity and excitement for trying one of those sports.

Kids Surf T-shirt

John John Florence is the perfect example of what giving a kid a Surf T-shirt can produce. From that first Surf T-shirt, to that first wave, to the professional world tour sensation he has grown up to be!

Taking the success story of professional surfer John John Florence as an example you can see what kids can achieve when they find a love for a sport from an early age. John John was probably born with a Surf T-shirt on! Granted he is an exceptional case, but John John Florence owes his success largely to the early start he had in the world of surfing. Introduced at a young age, Florence fell in love with his life on a board, or in a Surf T-shirt. His talent was immediately spotted and nurtured. Sponsors were quick to get him wearing their branded Surf T-shirts and riding their boards and soon he was recieving pro level training even before he 4ft tall!

Surf T-shirt

From a grom in a Surf T-shirt, to a pro surfer on the ASP world tour charging barrels! A transorfmation that came simply from an early introduction to a sport.

This gold rush of young superstars can be seen right across the sporting world. With more and more success stories appearing, the age of the groms has begun. All it could need for your child to be one of those grommet hood superstars, is a Surf T-shirt for Xmas. Something big and baggy that they’re gonna ‘grow in to’.

Here at Boylos we have a great selection of Surf T-shirts with small sizes available. Plus in store we have some Boylos own Surf T-shirts designs specifically for kids! If this takes your interest or you would like some information on our other Surf T-shirts or kids surf wear then please feel free to call us through the ‘contact us’ page of our site. Happy surfing!

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