Surf T-shirts or bare chested, the winter surf trips we all want to do!

With the British winter starting to be more prominent, Surf T-shirts are becoming more of a base layer. Not ideal. However, now is the time we can all start thinking of and organising our winter surf trips for the late winter months. To places where the sun shines so strong that your Surf T-shirt goes from base layer to UV protector! Winter is a time to dream of those hot, sunny places that leave the tanned and untanned print of a Surf T-shirt if it’s worn too much. Yes please!

With modern flight prices being more than affordable, winter trips to far away places has never been more achievable. But how far are you thinking of going? If you’re after the surf and the weather that’ll make you make that ‘tough decision between a Surf T-shirt or bare chested, then Fuertaventura in the Canary Islands could be perfect. With year round temperatures here never dropping below 18 degrees and water temperatures between 17 and 24 degrees, Fuertaventura definitely means you’ll be living in boardies and a Surf T-shirt for the entirety of your trip.

The Surf in this warm sunny place is epic too. Ranging from playful little waves to monstrous walls of consequence, there is something for every surfer. Often windy it is a haven for windsurfing and kitesurfing but the winter months are all about surfing in Fuertaventura. Plenty of holiday companies run all inclusive packages to Fuertaventura and there are thousands of surf camps to choose from.

So if you fancy getting back into your Surf T-shirt in the sun, and going for some great surf sessions then Fuertaventura could be the perfect Xmas present to yourself. Better get some nice Surf T-shirts now then! Happy Surfing!

Surf T-shirt, Surfing Fuertaventura

Pack those Surf T-shirts! The surfing in Fuertaventura can be EPIC!

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