Surf T-shirts using comedy to brighten up the world.

Surf T-shirts are becoming a much more commonly seen fashion item. Surfing is cool, the Surf T-shirts being produced by brands are cool too. For this reason Surf T-shirts turn heads either on the beach or the high street. If you are looking for the coolest of the cool though you need a sense of humour. Everyone, no matter how grumpy they are, can appreciate a good one liner or comical picture. So when you put that one liner or comical picture on a top, you can help give people (including yourself) a laugh and smile in their day!

Here at Boylos, we love Surf T-shirts that incorporate a bit of humour in the design. It makes people laugh or smile then it makeu smile, everyone feels better due to the hilarious print on your Surf T-shirt. It’s so easy! So what are you waiting for? There are loads of hilarious Surf T-shirts in need of wearing and Boylos has some epic examples!

Some of our favourites come from the ever whitty Old Guy’s Rule Surf T-shirts. The Old Guy’s Rule ‘Parking Lot’ Tee which features a print of campers together in a parking lot and below is the caption ‘the older I get…. the better it was’. Shown below this Surf T-shirt is sure to cause a few giggles and smiles especially amongst the older members of the public.

Surf T-shirt, Old Guys Rule

Hilarious ‘Parking Lot’ Surf T-shirt from Old Guys Rule

But the comical Surf T-shirts don’t stop there shying away from the age jokes from Old Guys Rule we turn to tees like the Rapanui ‘Climate of Panic Surf T-shirt. A hidden eco-minded message from the Tee is demonstrated with a comic book style image resembling a scene from the war of the worlds. Instead of an alien robot however, the machine has a cloud for a head! Turning environmental issues into a hilarious Surf T-shirt is a great way of making a statement without shouting about it or offending anyone.

Surf T-shirt Climate of panic

Climate of Panic Surf T-shirt from Rapanui

So spread a little laughter in a Surf T-shirt with a sense of humour. Happy, laughter filled Surfing!

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