Surf T-shirts, doing their bit for our planet.

With global warming and our pollution a constant theme of modern life, it’s nice if you can feel you’re doing a little extra to help the cause. Perhaps, surprisingly wearing a Surf T-shirt and spreading the surfing vibe and lifestyle is actually a way of doing something good for our planet and it’s fun! With fuel costs constantly rising and consequently manufacturing costs, sports which need fuel and/or high levels of equipment are not only expensive, but also not great for our planet.

Surfing breaks that rule. Obviously many surf boards today are made of high quality materials and manufactured using modern technologies such as computer aided design and cutting machines. This makes some boards less eco friendly and higher in price. When you look into it though even they’re not that bad. Surfing relies on quality waves and we all want to surf in nice clean water. Therefore, all surf companies with an eye to sustaining their business, also need to look after our environment and many brands support eco projects, or provide there own. On the cost front, a very expensive longboard, the most expensive type of surfboard due to it’s extra material, could see you paying close to eight or nine hundred pounds. Horrific. However once that money has been spent that’s it. You don’t pay membership to the see, or need to join a club, or need much storage. If all goes wrong and we can no longer make surfboards as we are now, it’s worth remembering that surfboards can be made out of wood, using absolutely no machinery at all!

Surf T-shirt

Wooden Surfboards are as Eco-Friendly as sport can get. Without the first wooden surfboards Surf T-shirts wouldn’t even exist!

So how can a Surf T-shirt help?

Buying and wearing a Surf T-shirt helps fund the industry as a whole. This gives the surf companies the opportunity to provide Eco-Friendly projects and further their own research into making the manufacturing processes used, less harmful to our environment. Also by wearing a Surf T-shirt regularly you spread the popularity of the sport, perhaps introducing new people and therefore increasing peoples knowledge of the sea, our environment and the ways we can help both.

The surfing world and it’s industry is a great example of Eco-friendly business. By wearing a Surf T-shirt around towns and cities, you may make a few companies from other industries notice surfing’s popularity and look into how the industry is operating. Hopefully, this insight could influence a few companies outside of the surf industry, to adjust the way their own company applies itself. Once the penny is rolling, you wearing your Surf T-shirt could end up making a big difference!

So which Surf T-shirt should you choose?

The actual Surf T-shirt itself can be whatever you like and comes down to your own personal preference. You can choose whatever Surf T-shirts suits you best. Obviously, if you can find a Surf T-shirt with an environmental theme, you would be doing a little more to show support and raise awareness. Perhaps an image or design, or if you know the company is very Eco-Friendly the design wouldn’t matter.

At Boylo’s we stock Rapanui Surf T-shirts, a great Eco-Friendly brand that are really opening a lot of minds to how well environmentally friendly products can be produced. They have some brilliant designs and are a favourite among our Boylo’s staff and customers. The designs look great and all the Surf T-shirts have a great price so you definitely won’t break the bank!

One of our favourite Rapanui Surf T-shirts is the ‘climate of panic’ Surf T-shirt. It has a great eco-minded design that’s clear and bold. It’s neutral colour way will suit a range of outfits; with your boardies in the summer, or under your shirt and jacket in the winter.

Rapanui Surf T-shirt

The Rapanui Climate of Panic Surf T-shirt is a fantastic example of a Surf T-shirt for the cause!

Rapanui are definitely at the front of an environmentally friendly industry. They achieve such eco-friendly results in a number of ways. To make such environmentally supportive products they use ethically accredited factories that are powered by wind and solar energy and use cutting edge eco-textiles. This means which ever Surf T-shirt you by of theirs, you can feel especially good about wearing it.

Rapanui also say: “Whilst the organic, ethical and low carbon approach to our supply chain is unique, our real contribution to sustainability has come from the traceability of our products, our work towards improving transparency in our industry and the conversation this has sparked between shoppers, brands and manufacturers. Using our trace mapping tool, at Rapanui you can find out exactly where our products come from and how they were made: From the seed being sewn, picked, spun and transported: It is traceability from seed to shop.”

Showing how the clothes have been manufactured and wear they have come from will help us all know just how good the manufacturing process has been for the environment before we buy. Obviously we don’t all have time to do that for every Surf T-shirt we buy. Luckily Rapanui are also working with UK MEPs to develop a potentially industry-changing eco labelling system to summarise the detailed and often confusing information on clothes packaging, and to make it easy for consumers to shop quickly with a conscience.

eco-friendly Surf T-shirts

It may seem like something small, but buying a nice Surf T-shirt will help make a difference towards all industries becoming more conscious of looking after our epic home!

So there you have it, simply buying yourself a great looking Surf T-shirt and wearing it around, will do another little bit in helping look after our planet’s environment. Which is perfect especially as we need to live (and surf!) here. Happy Surfing!

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