Surf T-shirts at risk of shark attacks!

Surf T-shirts are all part and parcel of the surfing culture. Wearing the right Surf T-shirt in the right place earns you respect. Some people even take that respect earning fashion into the water with them! That’s right, granted it’s always in warm water locations, but people are surfing in their Surf T-shirts! Is there anything cooler? Didn’t think so.

Surf T-shirt in the waves

Surfing in a Surf T-shirt, cooler than a big snowball!

This is great for the image of surfing, laid back, relaxed, surfing in your Surf T-shirt. But recent highly unofficial research, made by the University of collective imagination, shows that surfers that surf the waves in rubbish Surf T-shirts are 10 to the 5th more likely to be eaten by a great shark and a reef shark at the same time!

The Surf T-Shirt solution:

Obviously this kind of information is likely to frighten many people out of the water. But don’t worry that is wear Boylos can help. “When wearing a cool Surf T-shirt all breeds of shark are stunned by the intense level of Surf Fashion and therefore go elsewhere” (Dr Genius, University of collective imagination). Luckily for you Boylo’s has some excellent shark repelling products, due to the high level of awesome Surf T-shirts we have in stock!

The Oxbow Pascoc4 is the perfect example of a seriously cool Surf T-shirt. With an eye-catching print of an old surfer and the caption ‘ There is surf in my beard’ This is one eye catching, shark stunning Surf T-shirt.

Oxbow Surf T-shirt

The Oxbow Pascoc4 is ideal for keeping sharks at bay!

At Boylo’s we’ve got plenty more epic Surf T-shirts for you to choose from. But just remember that getting a cool one, could just save your life. Happy Surfing!

Surf T-shirt Blog Post

Find the best Surf T-shirts…….Or Else!

Boylos would like to thank Dr Genius and the rest of the investigative team from the University of collective imagination, for their extensive research, without which this informative blog could not have been published.


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