Surf T-shirts and the lifestyle or a suit and tie with the money?

Modern life is a complicated thing. Bound by money to work for a living. This dependance on currency provides us with a life altering dilemma though once you get to the age where you need to look for a job. What are you willing to do to earn money and how much do you want? Surfing’s attitude towards this dilemma has historically been a blunt 2 fingered ‘V’ to the regime. Many surfing documentaries feature countless stories from legends of the sport about only owning one pair of shorts and a Surf T-shirt, living on the beach and being a ‘bum’. Thankfully this phase of surfing’s culture faded out after a few years of beginning.

Surf T-shirt, surf Bum

The ‘surf bum’ lifestyle definitely faded out. But it does pose a question, when all you need is a surf T-shirt a pair of shorts and the right amount of food why are the rest of us working so hard for more?

But it does highlight a point that can still come across today. How much money and material items do we actually need and is it possible to have the lifestyle of a millionaire without the money? As surfers, if we were to stumble upon millions it would probably be spent on getting a few sweet Surf T-shirts, a great pair of boardies, perhaps a new board and then a flight or boat trip to somewhere exotic to ride warm inviting waves. The thing is though there’s nothing really stopping you from having this lifestyle without the millions.

The tourism industry has seen a MASSIVE increase in popularity and business over the past decade. With cheap flights, all inclusive hotels and more and more exotic locations. Many people are spending their hard earned cash on jetting off to sunny places living in their Surf T-shirt and boardies for a week or so and going for dream surfing or watersports trips. Now obviously if you’re in the position where you can afford these fantastic trips then great! But if not, there are other ways in which you can experience the lifestyle.

All inclusive holiday companies need staff, Instructors, car drivers, waitresses, pot washers, etc. This is wear you need to ask yourself a question.

Live the lifestyle in my Surf T-shirt without the money, or sacrifice the lifestyle to have the money and go on holidays?

It is a very tough thing to think about, but just how much are you willing to not have? Would you be happy with a couple of Surf T-shirts, a pair of Boardies and working for the holiday company, or do you need to be the the one on the holiday?

Surf T-shirt life

Many Holiday companies are embracing watersports, but which side would you be? Live there for the season for the lifestyle but not the money, or earn the money back home, missing the lifestyle but having the money for the holidays there?

Either one is possible, earn the money to go on EPIC trips, or live on the epic trips but don’t have the money.

Whether its for going on holiday or living the lifestyle Surf T-shirts will be a vital part of your attire. Boylo’s has got loads for you to choose from so take a look choose the ones you fancy and feel free to give us a call if you have any questions. Happy Surfing!

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