Surf T-shirts, sunshine on a rainy day

It’s a well known fact that the British weather through the winter isn’t funny. Grey skies, rain, dark too early the list goes on. This isn’t always the case though, sometimes we have beautiful winter days with blues skies and fresh frost. However, for those days when the blue skies are nowhere to be seen, a Surf T-shirt could be the summer vibe you are looking for.

The Surf T-shirt solution

In the same way that a placebo tablet can cure some illnesses. A Surf T-shirt can help you fight off the winter blues, by having summertime in your head. The general trend as we enter our colder months here in Britain, is to start dressing in darker, more neutral, unnoticeable colours. But what if you turned winter on it’s head? Have a look around the cupboard for the Surf T-shirts you usually reserve for summertime. Pic your favourite of the lot and wear it for the day.

Now obviously we are not expecting you to be wearing just a Surf T-shirt in January! But underneath your coat, when you take it off at the pub or at home, is a Bright coloured, joyful, summer Surf T-shirt. Watch as the people around you compliment you on the fact that you are not dressed as dreary as the weather. Just the colour and the image attatched to that Surf T-shirt, will be enough to brighten up the darkest of winter days!

A perfect example of a summer filled Surf T-shirt is the Oxbow Cubes T-shirt. With it’s bright red colouring and cool collage effect print on the back, this is the perfect Surf T-shirt to bring summer colour and fun into the dreary winter months.

Surf T-shirt Oxbow

The Oxbow Cubes Surf T-shirt, take summer with you wherever you go!

So this winter, don’t get caught up in the dark colours and days of winter. Raise the mood by taking summer with you wherever you go. Besides who doesn’t want to live in a Surf T-shirt their entire life?

Surf T-shirt missing

The Summer placebo effect! not even got his Surf T-shirt on!!!

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