Surf T-shirts, universally appealing clothing.

Why are so many of us wearing Surf T-shirts?

Surfing culture, attitude and style is something that can be seen wherever you go. Whether it’s on the long sandy beaches of California, or the urban jungle amidst the Tokyo sky scrapers. Surfing is becoming more accessible for anyone, no matter where you’re from. This means that Surf T-Shirts are also more popular. Skaters, bikers, sailers, and just fans of the sport who don’t do any of their own, are loving the sport and its clothing. The surf vibe is taking off and the rise of Surf T-Shirts is just behind it.

Ever since the introduction of the sport, surfing has given off an aura of easy living, care-free life. That ‘no worries’ attitude is something we all wish we could have, no matter what walk of life we are in. With better TV coverage of pro surfing events and the magic of the internet, the surfing aura is reaching out to more and more people. You can sit in a coffee shop in the middle of a landlocked city and watch the pro tour if you so wish. This means people who either didn’t do any sport before or were occupied with their own sport, for example skateboarding, now get a fresh look and admiration for surfing.

In the past, if you took a walk down to your local skate park there would perhaps be one person in a Surf T-shirt rather than a skate T. Now however, many of the big skating and surfing brands are overlapping. DC, Nike 6.0, Volcom and many more are sponsoring surfers and skaters and producing identical product for both markets. For this reason, seeing Surf T-shirts at skate parks is a very common occurrence, especially in parks with a bowl!

Surf T-shirt, Skating

Surf T-shirts are seen everywhere! you can see the big brand names with athletes in both surf and skate on the bowl and sponsorship boarding behind.

With Brands overlapping their sponsorships of surfing with other sports more people are becoming aware of the surfing scene and finding it easier to get information about the sport. This further heightens interest in surfing and therefore the surf culture and clothing. Surf T-shirts are no longer a fashion item for surfers, they are now purely a fashion item. Being a surfer is cool and therefore wearing a good Surf T-shirt associates you with that cool image.

Surf T-shirt, Bruce Irons

Surf T-shirts would suit a pro like Bruce Irons fine, but his sponsor Volcom may be better known for it’s snowboarding and skateboarding scene.

All this sponsoring of athletes in different sports and disciplines is fantastic for the overall extreme sports image. Surfing is benefitting massively from this and the interest in Surf T-shirts is soaring! So whether your on the slopes in high altitude mountains, the concrete bowl of a skate park or the roaring waves of Hawaii’s north shore. Surf clothing is suited to each and every situation.

So where can you get a Surf T-shirt?

At Boylos we have loads of epic Surf T-shirts for you to choose from, simply follow this link. Take a look, pic your favourites and represent the Surf culture and that easy lifestyle no matter what your discipline. Happy Surfing! or Skateboarding! or Snowboarding! or Wake Boarding! or Windsurfing! or Kitesurfing! You get it 😉

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