The birth of Surf T-Shirts

The Surf T-Shirts market is huge, but where did it come from and who inspired so many people to wear them? We’ve had a little look into this and we think we may be able to shed some light on the matter.

Possibly the Surf T-shirts initial inspiration was found in the colourful ‘Hawaiian style’ shirts. The floral Aloha was seen by many in the 60’s as one of the first true sole representations of the Surf culture. Not for everyone but worn by many the Hawaiian style shirt and the surf vibe is regarded by many as the first item of the ‘Surf Wear’ industry that’s now worth millions.

Soon after the floral shirts brands such as Oxbow, O’Neill etc took the usual cotton plain T-Shirt and created what we now see as the iconic Surf T-Shirt. Surf T-Shirts from all corners or the world were coming out with vibrant expressions of personality and passion. The idea that you could look at a person and tell if he/she was a surfer purely from their attire was never more prominent then in the 90’s. Expressive Surf T-Shirts picturing epic breaks, surf logo’s and lovely ladies soon became the norm for upbeat and freeloving surfers.

Muzzdawg Surfer Girl T-Shirts

A Muzzdawg Surf T-Shirt from Boylo’s Surf T-Shirts collection

We now live in a little more conservative surfer world. Surfing has become a massive market and huge business so it is no longer like in the ‘endless summer’ days where it was viewed as different and out there. You now see Surf shops in city centres, even big brands like Hollister proclaim to be ‘surf’. In our world as a surf and watersports shop this is only a good thing for the sport. The more people enjoying the water the better, and the more Surf T-Shirts styling it out even better. All of our Surf T-Shirts on the Boylo’ website are top quality and great value. Why not have a cruise and see which you like.

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