The ever growing world of SUP.

SUP or Stand Up Paddleboard in full, is a relatively new craze in the watersports world and is currently turning everyone’s head and getting tonnes of interest. Beginners and experienced watersports fanatics are all curious and keen to try this exciting new sport.

It’s a very easy concept SUPing. Get on a big wide board that is stable enough for you to stand on and then use a long paddle to paddle yourself around the water. The thing is there are quite a lot of sports that can be made to sound simple but then once you start you realise there are loads of very tricky skills needed to do the simple concept. With SUP though it really is as simple as it seems. Get on, balance and paddle yourself around. If you want to get more serious you can start specialising and working on different technical skill sets, but for the general SUP experience life couldn’t be more basic.

The basic nature of SUPing means that it is very quick and easy to pick up. This is great for your confidence and self esteem, making SUPing a real feel good sport. On top of these psychological benefits, SUPing is seen as one of the best general health exercises out there. Always balancing and paddling you use a lot of your core and stabiliser muscles which helps massively in giving you a good figure and preventing injuries. Because you are balancing which always needs concentration, SUPing is a great workout for your mind too!

Kai lenny SUP

Kai Lenny is one of the biggest names in the SUP world and he is only just turned 20! With 2 world titles under his belt, both wave and race Kai is showing just what can be done on a SUP board at the moment.

With such a great range of benefits from such a simple sport it is easy to see why SUP has begun to take over on the water. The demand for better equipment has risen due to the ever growing popularity and interest in SUPing. Boards have taken a swift development from the first basic SUP’s to the vast range of specialist racing, travelling, wave riding and even inflatable SUP’s available today. Obviously with these expansions and developments the simple concept of SUPing has become adjusted too. Using a specialist racing SUP for instance requires a different stance and paddling technique to that of the short wave riding SUP’s.

SUP race

Racing SUP’s are incredibly popular and as a result the racing scene for SUPing is growing rapidly.

The advances in technology are taking SUPing to places never imagine. On the waves, the short and suprisingly narrow SUP’s are allowing riders to practically surf their boards with such sharp responsiveness and speed that they can pull off many of the manoeuvres done in surfing including airs! On the racing front, longer narrow boards shaped like torpedos are boosting the speed of the riders tremendously whilst specialist work on the tail, rails and fins is allowing even the biggest of long distance SUP’s to be manoeuvrable when handled correctly. Leisure SUP’s are changing too getting some of their beneficial improvements from both the racing and wave riding arenas to give excellent all round SUP’s. Some SUP’s can even attach a sail and be windsurfed!!!


With a sail or without, the vast variety of SUP designs and models on the market at the moment is tremendous and gives us endless possibilities for this new sport.

With so many advances and such a rush of popularity and interest, SUP is exploding into the watersports world. With development of new boards allowing pro’s to push the boundaries further the interest is only ever going to grow. It is an exciting time for this new sport and the people that are in it’s industry. So for all you Surf T-shirt wearing surfing hardcores out there, don’t knock SUP till you’ve tried it! Happy SUPing!

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