The GoPro movement.

For years, the only way to get footage of yourself doing your favourite watersports was to have a loyal buddy standing on the beach videoing you. As the times moved on, sports camera’s were developed. Rugged, waterproof casings allowed dedicated cameramen to get in the water and get close up shots in great quality. The thing is though for those pictures and videos you were still relying on the cameraman being in the right place at the right time. What GoPro did when they first launched the HD HERO was turn the world of videoing on it’s head!


You used to rely on a loyal camera man on the beach or in the water for your photo’s, with GoPro you can snap awesome images by yourself!

A tiny, robust camera that could put up with the knocks and tortures of extreme sports and yet still be powerful enough to shoot in full HD video and with options for stills, slow mo’s and many other cool side acts. Now, instead of having a loyal buddy with a camera either on shore or in the water. The rider could simply mount the camera on themselves or on there kit and get awesome HD video and photo’s without ever having to concentrate. Easy, awesome recording.


The GoPro’s tiny size and light weight make it perfect for wearing when doing sports.

The fantastic cameras started a craze and soon youtube was full of every man and quite often their dog shooting their own extreme sports videos. It opened up a world of first hand, self documenting that has pushed the visual aspects of sport to a new limit. Cleverly GoPro have come up with a few upgrades and new models in order to hold their place at the very top of the action sports camera pile. On the latest model, the GoPro HD HERO 3, the options for different angles and shooting modes is phenomenal. Flat screen, fish eye, Wide screen, super slow motion, photo bursts, all the settings give you professional standard images without the slightest bit of skill from the host.

GoPro Burst

The may functions and shooting modes on the GoPro Cameras make them awesome tools for shooting sports. The photo burst shown here is one of our personal favourites!

The GoPro movement is very much established and millions of people are all massively on board. With the constant development of new mounts and angles along with the development of the GoPro Camera itself, the images being shot by amateurs and professionals alike are simply getting more and more mind blowing! What’s more, the world of extreme sports is constantly being pushed to unbelievable heights by the new generation of extreme sports stars and the new moves, bigger arenas and awesome GoPro capabilities, are certainly going to be giving us some simply stunning footage!

The awesome video above show’s just how much of an insight GoPro’s can give us and just how amazing the footage looks!

Anyone can be the star in their own sports movie with the GoPro HD HERO 3, you simply buy one, stick it on yourself or you kit and go out and do your thing! Then when you get back and watch the video back on the laptop you can click and edit to your hearts desire. If you have any questions on the GoPro’s or would like to know more information about these awesome cameras then please feel free to get in touch with one of our Boylo’s Watersports team members who will be more than happy to help. See you on the water!

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