The importance of the Surf T-Shirts in today’s world.

What is it about the Surf T-Shirts that make them important in our community? Why do we wear them and what makes us want them soo much? we’re going to take a closer look on the message our Surf T-Shirts send out and how it identifies us as water sport people.

Clothing has, for a long time, been an important expression tool for individuals to communicate to others their character, hobbies, beliefs and even ambitions. For instance if we look at bikers, they wear a symbolic eagle that appears engraved in the ‘harley’ history. Office men wear suits to express their professionalism and ambition. Builders wear functional clothing whether they are at work or not. And yes you got it surfers wear Surf T-Shirts and Surf clothes to express themselves as well.

So given that the clothes we wear are an individual expression of who we are and where we come from what do we need to look for? Here we see the question as being; are we mainstream or are we unique. Surfing has a long history and brands such as Animal, Quiksilver and Ripcurl have dominated through the late 90’s and 20’s. However, these brands have now become so massively commercial that they have in fact lost their identity. Available in shops all over the country you see the Surf T-Shirt not only on the beaches but in pubs and clubs as well.

So is this taking the surfing lifestyle that we live in to a commercial level? Of course it is! And it is for this reason that we are seeing a counter large brand consumer trend in our shop down here. Our smaller brands such as Oxbow, O’Shea and Rapanui are all out selling the larger more commercial brands. Our customers are pleased to see different Surf T-Shirts that they aren’t finding on the high streets and the route of the smaller brands is now the real surf clothing that real water people are searching for.

Oxbow Surf T-Shirt

The epic Oxbow Surf T-Shirt


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