The Stand Up World Tour

The Stand Up World Tour is making massive travelling arrangements for this years contests and it is putting the world of performance SUP wave riding in front of an admiring international audience. The world of SUP is certainly growing and with the performances we’re seeing on the Tour both in and out of the waves, the appeal of this epic sport is only ever going to grow!

Stand Up World Tour

The Stand Up World Tour is catching everyone’s eye all around the globe!

Many people see SUP wave riding as an opposing sport to surfing and for purists, the new SUP experience can seem a little threatening to the surfing world. This isn’t the case though as the wave riding being displayed on the Stand Up World Tour is just as impressive as what is being seen in the surfing world. Especially when you consider the size and weight of the SUP boards compared to the surfboards.

Laird Hamilton

The wave riding on display in the SWT is a mega display of strength, technique and focus.

Some of the more extreme SUP riders on the SWT are even moving the tricks into arial manoeuvres! Getting a surfboard to leave the wave and then landing cleanly back on the open face is incredibly difficult, doing the same thing with a bigger less agile SUP board is amazing!

Performance technologies are certainly helping and the amount of technological development happening to the equipment in paddle boarding is allowing new school riders to push the limits of the sports to places previously thought impossible. Carbon finer, like in practically every other sport is making a vast appearance in the performance end products. Light, strong and stiff, the carbon fiber boards are perfect for high performance racing and wave riding, giving riders better speed and lighter boards for their arial assault.

Zane Air

The new school riders are taking the wave riding into the skies in the same way the surfers are blowing our minds!

The Stand Up World Tour is the one place where all of the worlds best athletes can be seen shredding and pacing their way through the wave and race disciplines and it truly is a remarkable spectacle to watch. For the riders on the world tour it’s a pretty sweet deal too as they travel to Hawaii, Brazil, Australia, California, France and one secret destination which you can bet your life will be just as cool! This widespread world tour does mean a lot of air miles for the pro’s taking part, but it is doing a great job of spreading the SUP vibe to millions of people and the bug is certainly catching!

SUP crowd

SUP is exploding with popularity and the sport is being enjoyed by all who take it up. Here’s part of the world record attempt for the amount of people on a wave, epic!

SUPing is the sport to be in at the moment, the simplicity and high enjoyment rate are easy winners and the growth the sport is experiencing is fantastic! We have a massive range Stand Up Paddle Boards in store and with our selected range you know you can find the board to suit your aspirations! See you on the water!

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