Watersports are the perfect fitness regime.

With January gone some of you will be struggling with that most common of resolutions, getting fit. Yes, we have all been there, Xmas fills our stomachs and then in January we vow to get rid of them again. Thing is as the year draws on, those continuous trips to the gym can get very boring and tiresome. What you would really like to do is simply enjoy yourself and still keep fit, and you can! Watersports are some of the most deceptively demanding activities out there. You can go for hours, purely enjoying yourself and then when you get out of the water you suddenly realise just how hard you have been working!

Watersports, by nature, demand you to use all of your bodies muscles and especially the stabiliser muscles (which are essential in preventing injury). When in the gym most resistance exercises work on specific muscle groups rather than all of them. In almost all watersports there is a combination of pushing, pulling, upper and lower body movements and tonnes of core work. Using Stand Up Paddle Boards is one of the best core working activities in particular.

SUP Fitness

Stand Up Paddle boarding is one of the best core exercises in watersports, your core is engaged the entire time you are on the board.

There is a reason people associate a good figure with a watersports athlete and that is because doing a lot of watersports will give you a good figure whether you choose it to or not. The biggest reason for this is that your fatigue is hidden behind your level of enjoyment. When sitting in a gym, all you can think about is the work you are doing, the effects on your body and the fatigue that it causes. This acknowledgement of fatigue will tire your motivation quicker. In watersports, hopefully, you are having so much fun and you have so much else to think about, that you don’t ever acknowledge how tired you are until you have to get out. This means that unknowingly you push your body harder than you would in the gym, giving you much bigger benefits and a far more effective workout.

Tired Surfer

Watersports will let you push harder than you thought you could, without even realising!

Why not keep you fitness campaign going with an influx of watersports activity, as the days get lighter, brighter and warmer there really is no excuse! If you have any questions on any watersport or would like to know more information about how to get involved with watersports, please feel free to email or call one of our friendly Boylo’s team members who will be happy to help. See you on the water!

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