Windsurfing and Kitesurfing in Lyme Regis

We get asked about windsurfing and kitesurfing in Lyme Regis quite a lot so we thought it was about time we put some effort into explaining the area. If you’re popping down for some water time then feel free to call Boylo’s Watersports on 01297 444222 or if you’re down here then pop in and say hi.

Conditions: The ideal is a South West wind with a 0.8 Low tide. We always find the waves are better when the tide is going out and we aim to be on the water about 2 hours before Low to get a good session in. If the tide is lower then 0.8m then it can get very shallow over the reef, if it is higher then the waves don’t ramp up so much. It’s still good on other tides but be careful when it is on spring lows.

Parking: The best place to park is at the very bottom of town. On the right there is a round carpark that has a clock in the middle. If you’re kiting then you might prefer to park down at the harbour. Either one is ok though, just be sure to pay for parking because they’re hot on it.

Launch: You have two launch options. Kiting should always be launched on the sandy part of the beach towards the west. This is the safest area, just be sure to get close to the water to avoid a load of dirty wind coming from the cobb buildings. Windsurfing launch is to the right of the most east wall. It’s pretty easy at a lowish tide but watch out for a shore dump when the tide pushes in.

Sailing: If you fancy good waves and jumping then head over to broad ledge. It’s shallow ish so keep it in mind when close in. The waves are perfect for jumping and if you can put yourself in the right position then you can get a good turn for riding as well. Often you can get up to speed in the deep water area (see pic attached) and then bare off down wind to hit the waves at full speed.

As the tide goes out and through low the wave shift to the west and the wind here can be a little flukey. If it’s big waves and strong wind you can get some nice riding in this area.

Hazards: If you break a mast then it’s not too much a stress. You’ll get washed down to back beach where you normally can walk along the reef with relative safety. The main hazard is Lucy’s Ledge which we’ve marked as red on the pic below. It’s super shallow and should never really be sailed over unless it’s high tide. A right fin breaker and one to be careful of.

Tips: Bring your jumping boots, It’s amazing! Wear botties, the reef is sharp and you’ll be pleased you have them. Bring some money for parking and a beer afterwards.

Of course there is a little more to it then the above but it’s an easy enough place to figure out. If in doubt don’t go out but if you’re feeling it then you’ll love it here.

Any questions just give us a call on 01297 444222

Windsurfing and Kitesurfing LYme Regis


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