Windsurfing Back In The Olympics!

News has just reached us from Ireland’s ISAF AGM in Ireland that the decision to replace windsurfing with Kitesurfing has been reversed, windsurfing is back in the Olympics! This is something that we thought we wouldn’t hear and we’re stoked to read the news. It does make you wonder though how many lifes have been messed around by ISAF’s indecision. The idea that, from one decision, young windsurfing professionals from around the world had their hopes and aspirations of Olympic competition obliterated seems absurd. Not only that but now kitesurfers, who have been training hard, have also had their dreams smashed.

For us the Olympics is about the world’s finest competing in the biggest competition arena in the world. How can the ISAF committee expect to chop and change the classes in such a flippant and nonchalent manner. Agreed, change does happen and is necessary in the sailing world but surely such change should be thoroughly planned with a long term introduction plan. You can’t all of a sudden chop and change entire sports in and out like they have with windsurfing and kiting.

With such an incredibly responsible task the governing bodies of sport really do need to make their decisions with real consideration to those competing. That all said we are really pleased to read the news and wish the guys all the luck in Rio. It’s time to crack out the windsurfing equipment and be proud of our sport once againWindsurfign Equipment

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