Windsurfing Equipment can be a life changing investment.

Windsurfing is an addiction. A way of harnessing nature to produce pure adrenaline, for a high unique to extreme sports. That high is what will get you coming back for more and more. Many other extreme sports produce a similar natural high such as surfing or snowboarding. The real addiction with windsurfing however, is the combination of gale force winds, huge waves and loads of speed that combine to create the perfect conditions. Simply being on the water when it is as white and windy, as it is during the best windsurfing conditions, is a privilege in its itself. But once you get used to using smaller, high performance Windsurfing Equipment the addiction to the sport explodes.

Many people find themselves waiting for the biggest storms available and then feed their addiction for windsurfing, by chucking themselves into the windiest, waviest, scariest situations that they can. This is where the differences with surfing, snowboarding etc. are seen the most. In surfing for example, you want big waves, but with light winds and a long period of time between the waves. In windsurfing, especially for the wave sailors, Big waves, BIG winds and the BIGGEST fear factor is the ideal!

Windsurfing Equipment limits

Conditions combining to test the rider and his Windsurfing Equipment to the limit!

With this radical approach to watersports manufacturers are constantly challenged to make Windsurfing Equipment capable of keeping up with these adrenaline junkies. The Windsurfing Equipment of today needs to be light, easy to use, compact AND indestructible! Obviously this a tall order for the manufacturers but some of them are getting very, very close to the finished article.

At Boylos we stock loads of fantastic Windsurfing Equipment. Our strength is definitely in our wave equipment where we have boards and sails from Goya, Simmer and Quatro! Arguably the best makers of Wave Windsurfing Equipment in the world right now. With some of the best riders and the best reviews on the windsurfing scene.

Windsurfing Equipment

Boylo’s are the leading stockist of Simmer Windsurfing Equipment, makers of the Blacktip, one of the most radical wave sails in the world!

So if you’re after some top of the market Windsurfing Equipment in order to live your life on the edge of adrenaline waiting for that next big storm, Boylo’s can help. Just be aware that once you start the addiction there are no self help classes to get you out! Happy Windsurfing!

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