Windsurfing Equipment, get it suitable, get it right.

The General view on Windsurfing Equipment is that it needs to be high tech, high performance and cutting edge. The thing is though, unless you are at the very pinnacle of technique and performance you probably don’t need the highest performance Windsurfing Equipment. What many of us will find, is that when you get onto Windsurfing Equipment that suits you as well as possible, your actual windsurfing performance seems to increase.

The reason for this apparent improvement in performance is largely down to suitability. Too many of us get caught in the intense, performance orientated image that surrounds Windsurfing Equipment. In fact, many people feel their skill level is often judged on the Windsurfing Equipment they are able to use, rather than the technique they display in maneuvers.

Granted, in order to use very low literage boards and high wind sails requires you to sail in stronger conditions and have a very good technique. However, simply owning this Windsurfing Equipment won’t automatically give you the skill of Jose ‘Gollito’ Estredo. To make a comparison, an average driver at a track day who wants to drive fast and drive with a high performance technique, shouldn’t choose a formula one car! In fact, using equipment that is way to advanced may make your technique suffer. What would be much better is if this driver chose a fast, nimble road sports car, like a lotus. They will still go really fast, turn fast and race around the track, but much more comfortably, allowing them to focus on form and technique.

Windsurfing Equipment

A formula one car is VERY fast, but in the hands of a pro. In a similar way not all of us can use the highest performance Windsurfing Equipment and feel the benefits.

Moving back to Windsurfing Equipment, you can use the same scenario for a session on the water. An average level windsurfer is at their local lake and the wind is howling. They want to blast around at a high speed, complete planing gybes and perhaps do a little jump every now and again. If they chose professional level slalom Windsurfing Equipment like the pro’s, they may find themselves going incredibly fast but possibly not in control. This lack of control is what ruins technique. However, if the windsurfer learns from the race track driver and chooses fast, more suitable freeride Windsurfing Equipment, he may find he goes a little faster than before due to the fact he can concentrate on his technique and is in control.

Windsurfing Equipment

Bjorn Dunkerbeck going very, very fast. But do the rest of us need this ‘formula one’ esque Windsurfing Equipment, or would something more suitable actually get us going faster?

This rule of suitable Windsurfing Equipment works for every discipline too. Wave, Freestyle, racing, freeriding. Having the right Windsurfing Equipment for you is what will really get you windsurfing at your best.

Windsurfing Equipment

One of the local windsurfers here in Lyme Regis showing the benefits of getting Windsurfing Equipment that’s right for you! You can focus on your technique and use your ability rather than hiding behind ‘kit issues’. EPIC!

So get suitable Windsurfing Equipment and reap the benefits!

Look at your current level; good tacks and gybes, jumps, wave riding, etc. Then look at what you would like to learn to do; go fast, freestyle tricks, etc. and find the right Windsurfing Equipment to compliment both! If you have any questions on what Windsurfing Equipment would be suitable for you, or what to get. Then feel free to give one of our team a call at the shop, we would love to help. Happy Windsurfing!

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