Windsurfing Equipment, the rise of technology!

In all walks of life, technology is becoming more mainstream and our lives begin to revolve around it. Windsurfing Equipment is certainly an area where the technological boom has all of our heads plummeting into carbon percentages and stiffness to weight ratios. The basic principles of Windsurfing Equipment have remained untouched. You have a sail with a mast and boom, a way of attaching it to your board and your board. More detailed features might have changed a little though. Like the construction of boards, the materials used for boards, the shapes of boards, the volume of boards, the strength of boards, the weight of boards, the footstrap placements, the mast track placements, the construction of sails, the materials used to build sails, the shapes of sails, the size of sails, the amount of battens on sails, the amount of cams on sails, the carbon content of masts, the carbon content of booms, the construction of masts and booms, the diameter of mast and booms….bored?

This dramatically reduced list of changes in the technology used in Windsurfing Equipment, demonstrates just how far we have come from the Windsurfing Equipment used as little as ten years ago! These changes and alterations in Windsurfing Equipment have also developed the new moves and styles of riding that we see today. Now, obviously we won’t list every change over the past decade and explain every benefit, but there are a couple of key changes in equipment that we will help to explain as we see them as substantial important changes that affect all of us.

Windsurfing Equipment

What we used to be able to do on old Windsurfing Equipment was somewhat limited due to the design characteristics, thankfully Windsurfing Equipment has changed ALOT!

Size matters, for your Windsurfing Equipment!

One of the biggest and most noticeable changes in Windsurfing Equipment is the size of the kit. As a general rule sails and boards have become more compact. This compact design is something that is featuring in a huge amount of sports. Surf boards, skateboards, kitesurfing boards, etc. They are all trending towards shorter slightly wider more compact designs. This is a craze that has firmly established itself in Windsurfing Equipment design. Sails have shorter luff lengths, slightly wider booms and the lightest weight materials available. This is not just for the wave and freestyle sails though this is a general trend for all types of sails. What this means for us using the kit is that all sails have a lighter more maneuverable feel to their performance. Even big formula or slalom sails are light enough and compact enough to be chucked around more easily, making Gybes and tacking far easier!

Windsurfing Equipment

All Windsurfing Equipment, including slalom sails, has become lighter and more compact. Even big sails are easily moved around!

Obviously, better maneuverability is great for big blasting sails, but somewhere where that is vital is in waves and freestyle. Looking into these two disciplines is where it is easiest to notice the benefits of the modern compact designs. Light compact sails and boards make for early planing a lot of speed and the very best in maneuverability. This allround platform provides windsurfers with the perfect Windsurfing Equipment for some insane tricks and stunts. Quicker rotations for forward loops, flat wider boards for sliding better in freestyle tricks the list goes on and it is making for some of the most amazing windsurfing ever!

Windsurfing Equipment

Compact Windsurfing Equipment has allowed riders to ‘express’ themselves more than ever!

Lightweight Windsurfing Equipment

As with all modern technologies, windsurfing Manufacturers are finding ways of making everything lighter. More carbon fiber than a formula 1 car tends to be the approach. With 100% Carbon masts and booms available for any size of sail, the weight of Windsurfing Equipment has plummeted. Combining this with boards that feature generous amounts of carbon fiber layers in their construction gives you all round lightweight and stiffness. The benefits to this loss of weight are monumental. It makes carrying your kit a lot easier for a start! Jumping, freestyle, speed, the reaction speeds of your board due to the stifness. The list is almost endless.

Many other improvements and changes have been made to Windsurfing Equipment and with great effect on the way we can and do windsurf. With Manufacturers always coming up with new and better Technologies, materials and constructions Windsurfing Equipment is only set to carry on getting better. Great news for us as consumers as it means we get to choose between nothing but the very best that manufacturers can offer us.

So if you’re looking for the very latest in Windsurfing Equipment, with the very best technological features, follow our link to the site. You’ll find detailed descriptions about all of our Windsurfing Equipment so you can admire and compare the awesome display of technology on offer. Happy Windsurfing!

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