Windsurfing Equipment, the future holds some crazy things!

The Windsurfing Equipment market has always been a technology race. Manufacturers battle against each other in order to try and produce the best, latest, most appealing Windsurfing Equipment available. This constant need to develop newer, better equipment has led the world of Windsurfing Equipment into some strange and wonderful ideas in the past. The best thing is, this outside of the box thinking is inspiring even crazier ideas now than it has ever before!

What we are now going to do, is shed a little light on some of the standout ideas and concepts developed by Windsurfing Equipment Manufacturers. We’ll then make a rating out of 10 as to how much we would want to use one. Be warned, some of these ideas will twist you understanding of windsurfing to the very limit. Others might just make you laugh. Either way we hope you enjoy these brilliant products.

1st ‘out there’ piece of Windsurfing Equipment

Our first item is the AHD Sealion. With the world of stand up paddle boarding really taking off, many Windsurfing Equipment manufacturers have combined their sails with a windsurfing SUP. Essentially a standard SUP but with a hole for your UJ. These light wind platforms of fun are very popular and seem like great value as they provide 2 boards in one. What AHD have done is take the concept and expand the horizons. Their fish style WindSUP is a great wave riding SUP as well as the perfect solution for light wind wave sailing. It’s just about narrow enough to be paddled conventionally and used as a surf board too! So 3 in 1. Sounding good so far. From what we’ve seen on the fabulous world of youtube also looks good. With very little wind these boards allow you to make quite tight carving turns on the wave face with your sail attached. Ideal for practising your wave sailing when the conditions aren’t being kind. Perhaps it might be a little tame because of the lightwind, small waves conditions it is designed for. But we think this is a great addition to the wide variety of Windsurfing Equipment on offer and it scores a 6/10 on the ‘I want a go!’ scale.

Windsurfing Equipment concepts

The AHD Sealion is a great concept for wave Windsurfing Equipment. The ability to do proper wave sailing in light winds and small waves gives this product a 6/10.

2nd ‘out there’ piece of Windsurfing Equipment

The Starboard Black Box is the next piece of Windsurfing Equipment to await our verdict. The board takes a lot of it’s design from the surfing world, where boards are constantly getting shorter, wider and flatter to make the most out of smaller or less powerful waves. The Black box has a super stubby outline and quite a wide tail, this allows the board to excel is less windy situations and on waves with less push. In high winds the efficient speed shape means you can get away with using a smaller sail too. Making your overall equipment weight less and allowing for a shorter luff length, great for those trying double forwards! Used by Starboard team rider Dany Bruch in the cold Hawaii pro event, the concept is proving to be a promising design and we’re confident starboard will look at putting this epic bit of Windsurfing Equipment into production. Fingers crossed! The Black Box gets an 8/10 because we REALLY want a go!

Windsurfing Equipment Concepts

The Black Box is a very exciting concept for Windsurfing Equipment, we’re looking forward to seeing it develop!

3rd ‘out there’ piece of Windsurfing Equipment

Moving away from boards momentarily, the Point-7 Swag is our next item of Windsurfing Equipment for scrutiny. A lot of modern wave sails have seen a general decrease in luff length, more compact outline and the reduction of a batten. 4-Batten wave sails have been taking the world by storm. Their super lightweight and compact design making them perfect for wave riding, big airs and freestyle tricks. The Swag essentially just amps up the volume even more as it only has 3-Battens! This ultra compact wave sail is pushing the limits of how light we can actually make Windsurfing sails. It’s high aspect out line ensures it performs in really high winds and the 3 batten feel gives loads of power at the lower end of the scale. Ranging from 3.2 to 5.1m all the sails have the same radical 3-Batten design! The 4.7m weighs in at a mere 2.2 kg! Already being ridden and ragged in professinal events, the Point-7 Swag could be the start of another industry craze! We really want to feel this radicalism for ourselves and therefore the Swag scores a 9/10!

Windsurfing Equipment Concepts

The Swag 3-Batten wave sail looks epic and could be a real trend setter for all Windsurfing Equipment!

4th piece of Windsurfing Equipment

The 4th piece of innovative Windsurfing Equipment is another entry from Starboard. Windsurfing has come so far from win it started. The original concept being to Windsurf or ‘sail board’ on calm water, with light winds and just potter around enjoying the scenery. Modern windsurfing however, has evolved in such a way that many people won’t windsurf unless it is really windy. The Starboard Serenity takes a step back from all the high performance Windsurfing Equipment on offer and looks back at where the joy of windsurfing all started. It’s long distance kayak style hull provides the perfect shape for gliding through the water with ease. Making long distance journeys in light winds no problem. In fact, in light wind situations, there are hardly any other boards that can mathc its speed through the water. For it super relaxed, simplistic concept and for the fact it makes ligh3t wind days a real joy the Starboard Serenity scores a 6/10 on our must try Windsurfing Equipment list.

Windsurfing Equipment Concepts

The Serenity is a great, innovative piece of Windsurfing Equipment that makes the essence of windsurfing a real joy again.

5th ‘out there’ piece of Windsurfing Equipment

The final piece of innovative Windsurfing Equipment is yet again from Starboard.  The Starboard Gemini is the only real product available for 2 person windsurfing! With its state of the art design, the Gemini is a real high performance piece of Windsurfing Equipment capable of fully planing, jumping and carve Gybing! Making social windsurfing a reality, the Gemini allows two people to share the enjoyment of flat out windsurfing on the same Board. The need for team work when turning or steering also means you are in constant conversation. A landmark bit of Windsurfing Equipment, the Starboard Gemini is a real Concord moment for windsurfing. It beats the rest and gets a 10/10 for it appeal!!!

Windsurfing Equipment concepts

the Gemini is a landmark in Windsurfing Equipment development and something you absolutely have to try for yourself!


These awesome innovations and concepts in Windsurfing Equipment1 are simply the tip of the iceberg and we are looking forward to them and many others, developing into production models. Happy Windsurfing!

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