UK Watermen are living in Paradise!

Watersports in the UK can be a tough task. Cold but awesome in the winter and warm but slushy in the summer. Thing is though, by adopting a waterman way of life you can make the UK your own watersports paradise. All the lows of each season nullified by a different approach to life on the water. All the highs of each season multiplied by being in the right state of mind and on the right equipment for the conditions.

Our British winter months can be a daunting time. Short daylight hours and cold weather making going on the water a little less appealing. Thing is though the winter also brings some of the best and most serious watersports conditions too! Massive winter swells and big stormy winds are common throughout our colder season and this is a HUGE insentive to get on the water. Watersports like surfing, windsurfing, SUPing, kite surfing, bodyboarding, wave kayaking are all perfect activities for making the most of the gnarly winter conditions we get. Plus with the development of modern Winter Wetsuits and accessories being so good, getting in the water in normally freezing conditions hardly scares us at all.

Saunton Sands

British Winter can gives us awesome watersports conditions!

During the warmer more attractive summer months, the water tends to calm down a bit. With lighter winds and calmer waters the flat water watersports come into their own. Wakeboarding, Waterskiing, Flatwater SUP, Swimming, Kayaking and canoeing. There is so much to do and whilst the flatter calmer summer months aren’t so good for Surfing, windsurfing, etc. for the sports above the conditions are perfect!

This is the biggest reason for living the waterman lifestyle. Thought up and pushed hard by the legend that is Laird Hamilton, the concept of being a waterman is that by having different options in equipment and by having a positive open mindset to the water, everyday and all conditions are perfect for getting on the water. It’s a mindset that is being adopted by many watersports enthusiasts and once you get it, your waterbound life in the UK will be awesome!


Laird Hamilton is one of the most innovative and well recognised waterman in history!

So make the most of the conditions in all of our seasons and variations and you will realise that for the active waterman, the UK is a real paradise! Ever changing conditions and weather that normally is such a burden suddenly changes into the perfect environment for getting on the water. If you’ve got any questions on the waterman lifestyle or what kit you need to get your hands on ask our boylos team! See you on the water!

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