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Atan are the manufacturers of quality Wetsuit Boots and Wetsuit Gloves. Atan Wetsuit Boots are special: their super soft sole and split toe features give an almost barefoot feeling when you're wearing them but with the added warmth of the Wetsuit Boot. Their gloves have clever design features too, for example their fingerless mitts have a cut out between the thumb and forefinger to provide better grip when paddling, sailing or windsurfing. Attention to detail can be seen throughout the range and high quality manufacturing processes ensures product durability and longevity. 

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About Atan

Atan are a French Wetsuit and Wetsuit Accessory manufacturer that specialise in making high quality boots and gloves. With an innovative mindset they are renowned for their forward thinking designs and unique surf products. Perhaps most famous for their Wetsuit Boots which have a super soft rubbery material covering the sole and outer edges of the boot, which gives unrivalled flexibility as well as protection and warmth.

The sensation felt when wearing the boots is so unique and appealing that the company has built itself a very loyal and growing fan group. The ideal scenario in surfing is to surf barefoot, this is due to the connection you get to the board and the feedback you can receive through your feet. These Wetsuit boots are the closest thing to barefoot surfing on the market!

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