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Breo Watches now feature a great selection of Mens Watches and Womens watches for Water Sports and active lifestyles. With a durable outer rubber material used for the housing and strap you can be sure that these Watches will survive a healthy, active lifestyle. With bright colours and unique styling, they serve as a fantastic fashion item and can be subtle or obvious depending which of the colours you choose. The Watches are ideal for water sports as they are a great size, very light and also water resistant. Starting at 5ATM water resistance, these great Sports Watches are great for anyone with an active lifestyle. Their lightweight and elegant design means that you'll hardly notice it's on your arm and it won't get caught on anything either. Leaving you to enjoy the sport you're doing!

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About Breo

Breo are a unique sports watch manufacturer. Their fun and functional designs make their watches an instant hit. From the original roam elite, to their latest models, they boast style, individuality and performance. Perhaps the best feature is their unique design and construction. With their flexible strap and small water resistant watch face, the watches proved perfect for active lifestyles and instantly started a fashion craze.

The range now consists of a variety of styles and levels of technology with a waterproof rating across the range of up to 10ATM. The massive collection of colours, styles and abilitites means that there is a watch in this range for everyone. If you're struggling to decide which of the watches suits you then please get in touch with one of our boylos team members who will be more than happy to help.

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